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Something Else! sneak peek: Joe Bonamassa, “Oh Beautiful!” (2014)

Something Else! sneak peek: Joe Bonamassa, “Oh Beautiful!” (2014)

As the reigning champ of blues-rock guitarists after Clapton’s generation, Joe Bonamassa attracts notice whenever he issues new music (and to the great delight of his fans, he does this often).

Black Country Communion – Afterglow (2012)

Black Country Communion – Afterglow (2012)

The pity of it, really, is how perfectly named this album is. See Afterglow, a thunderous delight, arrives just as Black Country Communion appears to be falling apart. It’s a shame.

Iggy Pop, John Wetton, Nektar, Sweet, Todd Rundgren – Who Are You: An All Star Tribute to the Who (2012)

The intrigue of compilations like this is when seemingly incongruent artists successfully combine, or when somebody turns a familiar tune inside out.

Something Else! sneak peek: Black Country Communion – Afterglow (2012)

The star-stuffed Black Country Communion is set to release its third album, called Afterglow, On October 30, 2012. Meanwhile, they’ve offered behind-the-scenes access into the sessions.

Best of the Best: The Official™ Something Else! Top 10 for 2011

As with last year’s inaugural edition, The Official™ SomethingElse! year-ending Top 10 list requires two or more of us to be in agreement as we gathered around the watercooler at SER Towers. It’s no easy task.

Nick DeRiso’s Top Albums for 2011: Jazz Rock and Fusion Jazz

There are records that are frankly too loud to be jazz, and swing too much to be rock. This is the slot for those things — a place where you’ll find everyone from Tony Levin and Derek Sherinian from Black Country Communion to Nels Cline and Bill Frisell.

Derek Sherinian – Oceana (2011)

Derek Sherinian, known for his work both with Black Country Communion and Dream Theater, is a keyboardist. It’s worth repeating, under your breath, as the forthcoming guitar-heavy Oceana spins