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Laid Back, “White Horse” from Keep Smiling (1983): Almost Hits

Laid Back, “White Horse” from Keep Smiling (1983): Almost Hits

There’s little doubt what the Danish synth-pop duo Laid Back is referring to with their No. 26 dance number “White Horse.”

Sweet Banditry – Farvefisen blomstrer [dedicated to Jens Jørgen Thorsen] (2014)

There are probably scores of thrash jazz combos out there and when I’m of the right mind and the wife is not around, I can enjoy listening to every single one of them. Sweet Banditry is one of the latest such units to come around

Teitur – Story Music (2013)

Teitur is the work of 36-year-old Faroese singer-songwriter Teitur Lassen, who returns with his sixth album Story Music — a very dark project, just right for winter evenings.

FUSK – Super Kasper (2013)

To paraphrase Joe Lovano, FUSK doesn’t so much play free jazz, as set jazz free. Performing Super Kasper in a series of first takes, with three tracks presented as complete improvisations, this amalgam is simply too enterprising to fit into any one category.

One Track Mind: Volbeat, "Sad Man's Tongue" (2007)

by Fred Phillips When Volbeat’s “Sad Man’s Tongue” comes blaring out of my speakers on a shuffle, I’m always happy, and I always hit repeat — usually a dozen times or so, at least. And I always think about how I nearly missed such a great song.