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Delbert McClinton and Glen Clark – Blind, Crippled and Crazy (2013)

An easy atmosphere of camaraderie, a lived-in sense of community, surrounds this homey reunion, as Delbert McClinton and Glen Clark amble up, sit a spell, and share a few songs. You can almost hear the rocking chair creaking below them on the front porch.

Mike Zito and the Wheel – Gone To Texas (2013)

Mike Zito’s life has taken him from St. Louis to Key West to southeast Texas. A deeply personal and sincere bluesman, Gone To Texas is Zito speaking — or singing, really both figuratively and literally about his long road to not only redemption, but also outright triumph.

James Cotton – Cotton Mouth Man (2013)

James Cotton – Cotton Mouth Man (2013)

James Cotton has long referred to his regular working band as “my family,” so close is their sense of musical symbiosis, so long is their history. Still, to my ear, he’s never put out a more personal album than the forthcoming Cotton Mouth Man.

Paul Thorn – What the Hell is Goin’ On? (2012)

There is a sense, throughout the covers-filled What the Hell is Goin’ On?, of broken-in familiarity. Paul Thorn and his longtime backing band aren’t simply pulling out these songs to try to move records. They have loved, and they have lived, every one of these tales.

Steve Cropper – Dedicated (2011)

Tribute records are a tricky things; star-studded tribute projects even more so. It takes a strong unifying voice, some central character beyond the featured composer, to save them from sounding like choppy compilations.