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The Kinks’ Dave Davies – Rippin Up Time (2014)

The Kinks’ Dave Davies – Rippin Up Time (2014)

The overall feel of this new album by the Kinks’ Dave Davies is one of reminiscence, for a time and a place now perhaps irretrievably gone.

The Kinks’ Dave Davies, “Little Green Amp” from I Will Be Me (2013): Something Else! exclusive stream

Thank Dave Davies, metal kids. Punk kids, too. His idea to take a razor to his Elpico prior to the Kinks’ recording the distortion-soaked “You Really Got Me” birthed a thousand garage bands. “Little Green Amp” takes you right back there.

William Shatner – Seeking Major Tom (2011)

Jesus, seriously? I have a sense of humor but this is just absolute garbage. William Shatner’s 2004 project with rock piano great Ben Folds, Has Been, was actually an entertaining diversion — tongue fully in cheek, yet it had musical merit: serious fun. This is pure junk