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The Friday Morning Listen: Henryk Górecki – Symphony No. 3 (1992)

So there was this study which determined that there is a small fraction of the populace that derives no emotion from listening to music. The condition is called “anhedonia” and about five percent of the population is affected. For these people, music does not make them happy, they have no urge to tap their toe or sway to the music.Read More

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, “The Rising” (2002)

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, “The Rising” (2002)

There are points during nearly all concerts where the emotions and internal language of the music can take over to express something that’s out of the grasp of mere words.

The Friday Morning Listen: Dar Williams My Better Self (2005)

The Friday Morning Listen: Dar Williams My Better Self (2005)

Every once in a while I’m reminded, quite randomly, of the feeling I get when completely immersed in a piece of art. I don’t really keep track of the statistics or anything, but it feels like the phenomenon is spread equally

Dar Williams – In the Time of Gods (2012)

Dar Williams might be one of the few singer-songwriters around who could take the age-old fables surrounding Zeus and Aphrodite, and smartly connect them to our current state of affairs.

Half Notes: Dar Williams – Promised Land (2008)

Folk singer Dar Williams has an entry on my “Had To Sit In The Car After Arriving At Work To Get The Scoop On That Song!” list. Back in 1993, about 30 seconds before pulling into the parking lot, “When I Was A Boy” came on WERS, Emerson College radio. I was mesmerized. So I sat there through the endRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: Dar Williams – Many Great Companions (2010)

When it comes to music, and art in general, I’m driven by the “butterfly effect” as applied to aesthetics. My main purpose is to introduce people to what I like in the hope that their new found joy will in turn influence others

The Band’s Levon Helm to undergo undisclosed medical procedure, will miss at least a month of dates

Levon Helm, the Grammy-winning co-founding member of the Band, is set to undergo an undisclosed medical procedure that will keep him from performing for at least a month.

Forgotten series: Dar Williams – My Better Self (2005)

Some people say that music and politics don’t mix. That songwriters should stay out of it. That they’re abusing their celebrity in order to push a message. That they should just shut up.

Dar Williams – The Beauty of the Rain (2003)

One day back in 1996, I was on my way to work and heard this terrific song … about a kid playing in the backyard? Refusing to wear a shirt? Huh?!