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Dan Cavalca – Cinematic (2016)

Dan Cavalca – Cinematic (2016)

With his proper debut ‘Cinematic,’ Dan Cavalca can already boast a fully-formed individual approach to an instrumental music that brings together a lot of familiar elements but the alchemy itself is uncommon…and uncommonly good.

Claudio Scolari Project with Daniele Cavalca and Simone Scolari – Synthesis (2012)

When Italian drummer Claudio Scolari decided to record his fifth album Colors of Red Island, he was taking a risk by having Daniele Cavalca perform on this album, not because there was any question about Cavalca’s musicianship

Claudio Scolari/Daniele Cavalca – Colors Of Red Island (2011)

Usually when we’re on the topic of a record led by a drummer, the story will be about a bandleader and sometimes, the primary composer, who also happens to be the drummer.