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Taylor Haskins – Gnosis (2017)

Taylor Haskins – Gnosis (2017)

Haskins’ capacity for blending cutting-edge, high-tech means of music making with the handmade, organically conceived method of playing jazz borders on the genius level, and that’s just what he is going for with ‘Gnosis.’

Omer Avital – New Song (2014)

Omer Avital’s ‘New Song’ is a finely crafted synthesis of Middle Eastern, Afro-Cuban and American soul-jazz that’s world music without being self-consciously so.

S. Victor Aaron’s Top Albums for 2012, Part 4 of 4: Fusion Jazz

<<< Part Three, Whack Jazz In the final piece of these exhaustive, four-part salutes to the top releases of 2012, the fusion jazz records are surveyed.

S. Victor Aaron’s Half-Year List of Top Albums for 2012, Part 4 of 4: Fusion Jazz

And now for the final installment of my first-ever, mid-year assessment of what are the best records we’ve covered here on SER. This time, we survey that murky hybrid world called “fusion jazz.”

Omer Avital – Suite Of The East (2012)

Rockin’ the Jeff Lynne look especially with aviator sunglasses, Omer Avital might not be ready to lead ELO, but a half dozen years ago he led a stellar band

New Music Monday: Anathema, Deep Purple, Jack White, Peter Gabriel, Volbeat

Now that you’ve devoured all of the weekend’s Record Store Day goodies, time to refocus on the next round of tasty musical newness headed your way — including 2012 releases from Anathema, Jack White and the Maccabees

Daniel Freedman – Bamako By Bus (2012)

This is a drummer’s record but not a record about drum solos. Musically, however, it’s about a lot of other things, like rhumba, West African, reggae, Moroccan, Afro-Cuban, funk-fusion and, finally jazz.