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Daniel Bennett Group – The Mystery at Clown Castle (2015)

Daniel Bennett Group – The Mystery at Clown Castle (2015)

‘The Mystery at Clown Castle’ feels a lot braver than the last album from this group, as Daniel Bennett begins to establish himself as a true bandleader.

Daniel Bennett, jazz saxophonist: Something Else! Interview

Daniel Bennett is a saxophonist originally hailing from the beautiful city of Rochester, New York. He is now based in New York City.

Daniel Bennett Group – Clockhead Goes To Camp (2013)

Whenever I describe a jazz artist as unique and eccentric, using odd meters and irregular note progressions, that means I’m describing a whack jazz artist about 99% of the time. Reedman Daniel Bennett on the hand belongs in that one percent.

Justin Walter – Stars (2012)

Trumpeter Justin Walter sensed that his latest album Stars was destined to be out of the ordinary. “I was very aware from the beginning that this was going to be a strange album,” he acknowledges, “but I also wanted it to be a serious album.”

Daniel Bennett Group – Peace and Stability Among Bears (2011)

Daniel Bennett is a saxophone, clarinet and flute player in Manhattan, but he’s not like any jazz horn player out of NYC. And the reason for that is because what he plays is just as much not jazz as it is jazz. Blending in heaping helpings of folk and some world fusion, Bennett leads a quartet that plays music muchRead More