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Raoul Björkenheim / eCsTaSy – eCsTaSy (2014)

My first encounter with the dazzling whack jazz guitar wizardry of Raoul Björkenheim came via one of his many projects, the Norwegian-Finnish alliance power combo Scorch Trio (Luggumt, 2004).

One Track Mind: Pixel, “Space” (2013)

That indie-jazz band out of Norway Pixel sure had an irresistible song on their hands last year with the sassy number “Call Me,” part an overall catchy set of songs called Reminder.

Robert Wyatt – ’68 (2013)

Just as Stephen Stills’ 1968 demos Just Roll Tape offers a tantalizing, after-the-fact glimpse of an enormous rock talent mapping a course that would soon seal his legacy, so does the rehabilitated acetates Robert Wyatt cut that same year

Zevious – Passing Through The Wall (2013)

When Zevious first started out in 2006, they were like any guitar/acoustic bass/drums jazz trio, but soon after their self-titled 2007 debut, they decided they didn’t want to be like any jazz trio.

The Claudia Quintet – September (2013)

Bandleader, drummer and composer John Hollenbeck has been able to keep his Claudia Quintet viable long after its original formation in the late 90s by continually tossing new challenges at it.

Blue Cranes – Swim (2013)

It would be easy to assume that a discussion about a record produced by the Decembrists’ Nate Query and featuring a guest spots by the tUnE-yArDs’ Noah Bernstein and Los Lobos’ Steve Berlin is a discussion about an indie rock record

Richard Pinhas – Desolation Row (2013)

Forty years after first bursting into the avant-rock scene with his band Heldon, the music of guitarist/composer/philosopher Richard Pinhas remains as intriguing, mysterious and ahead of it time as it did then. And naturally, music that’s so far ahead can sound like something else altogether for the uninitiated.

Curtis Hasselbring – Number Stations (2013)

Curtis Hasselbring heads up a couple of bands and on the spy-themed Number Stations he rubs them together and watches the sparks fly.

Guapo – History Of The Visitation (2013)

When listening to instrumental rock groups like Guapo, I realize how broad is that term “instrumental rock” because it can connote prog rock, art rock, fusion jazz, post-rock, experimental rock, kraut rock and avant-garde.

Rob Mazurek Octet – Skull Sessions (2013)

The genius of Rob Mazurek doesn’t necessarily lie in all the musical ideas he has; it’s the modular approach he takes to those ideas.