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Fabian Almazan – Rhizome (2014)

Fabian Almazan – Rhizome (2014)

If you’ve seen trumpeter Terence Blanchard live you are already well aware of pianist/composer Fabian Almazan.

Alfredo Triff – Miami Untitled (2013)

Violinist-composer Alfredo Triff, a Cuban emigre, offers a stirring song-cycle focusing on an ever-changing, ever-intriguing, often-dangerous place — bringing in all of the spices that make Miami so endlessly fascinating.

Roberto Fonseca – Yo (2013)

A tireless promoter of Cuban music, Havana-born Roberto Fonseca continues to increase awareness of his home country’s bountiful musical tradition.

Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio – Dafnis Prieto Proverb Trio (2012)

Cuban-born drummer Dafnis Prieto never makes two albums alike. So yeah, it’s a given that album #5 wasn’t going to be a retread of #’s 1,2,3 or 4, but who could have predicted this?

David Virelles – Continuum (2012)

David Virelles – Continuum (2012)

A young, prodigious Cuban born-and-raised pianist and composer recasts the folklore and culture of his homeland, filtered by the teachings of some of jazz’s greatest living avantists.

Manuel Valera – New Cuban Express (2012)

Like another Cuban product Aruán Ortiz, Manuel Valera is a gifted piano player who is able to reconcile the rhythmically based Afro-Cuban jazz of his homeland with the harmonically complex modern jazz of New York.

Arturo Sandoval – Dear Diz: Every Day I Think of You (2012)

Dear Diz doesn’t aim for the relentlessly daring intellect of Dizzy Gillespie’s small-band bebop sides, so much as the boisterous amiability associated with his globetrotting latter-day period

Harmsen and Garces – 52 Min & 52 Sec (2012)

Saxophonist Rafael Garces and pianist Eric-Jan Harmsen, it seems, couldn’t be more different. In the case of their stellar new live jazz recording 52 Min & 52 Sec, that’s a good thing.

One Track Mind: Mongorama, "Tin Marin" (2011)

Inspired by an early Cachao album, “Tin Marin” is the rousing closer on Mongorama’s new self-titled project on California-based Saungu Records. A thrilling exposion of classic charanga-jazz, the album features a nine-piece all-star band

Half Notes: Jessie Marquez, "La Herida (The Wound)" (2011)

Listening, you’d be hard pressed to place Jessie Marquez, a sensual American singer with Cuban roots, anywhere near her hometown of Eugene, Ore. There is something so otherworldly, so richly textured, so intimate and humid and spicy about tracks like “La Herida.” Written by Gustavo Rodriguez, this redemptive tune is part of Marquez’s new release All I See Is Sky,Read More