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Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back … And I’ll Scratch Yours (2014)

Peter Gabriel – Scratch My Back … And I’ll Scratch Yours (2014)

Peter Gabriel, always one for the theatrical, released a double-album of interpretive music this week in Scratch My Back … And I’ll Scratch Yours, with mixed results.

Dave Baker, with Rich Kurtz – Blended (2013)

That the university-trained, classical inspired guitarist Dave Baker is so handy with interpreting pop sounds should come as no surprise. After all, he found early fame opening for fellow Temple products Hall and Oates on tour.

Matthew Sweet and Susanna Hoffs – Under the Covers Vol. 3 (2013)

A lot of the charm of this series’ initial two volumes — which focused first on the 1960s and then the ’70s — was in hearing these two delve back into found sounds from outside their own era.

Adrenaline Mob – Coverta (2013)

I kind of chuckled when I saw that Adrenaline Mob had chosen three Ronnie James Dio-related songs for its eight-song covers EP, but now I get it.

Anthrax – Anthems (2013)

After hearing Joey Belladonna’s cringe-inducing vocals on Anthrax’s version of Rush’s “Anthem,” I didn’t have much hope for this EP of covers from the thrashers, especially considering the rest of the lineup

‘That was an escape vehicle for us’: Al Jardine remembers throwaway fun of Beach Boys’ Party!

Al Jardine fondly remembers one of the Beach Boys more notable filler albums, Beach Boys’ Party!, a 1965 studio effort with dubbed in festive sounds over a string of cover songs.

Mondo Topless – Freaking Out (2010)

A choice, not-so-obvious all-covers album from Philadelphia’s Mondo Topless, starting with a pretty rockin’ version of The Twilighters’ “Nothing Can Bring Me Down.” Elsewhere, an eclectic bunch of garage and rock bands are represented

Desert Island Discs: Cover Songs Edition

On this particular island, there will be sun and sand — but nary an original artist. Join us, as we query our intrepid panel on its must-have cover songs for their fateful journey.

Sarah Maisel – With Love, Sarah Maisel (2012)

Sarah Maisel – With Love, Sarah Maisel (2012)

The Queen of the Ukulele has returned to the fray with yet another captivating collection of songs! Not only does Sarah pack a wallop of wizardry on the stringed-instrument, but she also sings like an angel.

Tangerine Dream – Under Cover (2012)

Tangerine Dream – Under Cover (2012)

Cover albums are inherently risky, and quite frankly more than a little overdone of late. Leave it to Tangerine Dream to breathe new life into things