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Vinnie Sperrazza – Juxtaposition (2017)

Vinnie Sperrazza – Juxtaposition (2017)

Thus far for the drummer, composer and bandleader Vinnie Sperrazza, it’s two albums, two different approaches, same high quality level jazz. The consistent ‘Juxtaposition’ justifies keeping Sperrazza on the watch list.

The Claudia Quintet – September (2013)

Bandleader, drummer and composer John Hollenbeck has been able to keep his Claudia Quintet viable long after its original formation in the late 90s by continually tossing new challenges at it.

Curtis Hasselbring – Number Stations (2013)

Curtis Hasselbring heads up a couple of bands and on the spy-themed Number Stations he rubs them together and watches the sparks fly.

Satoko Fujii – ETO, Watershed and Rafale (2011)

Our favorite avant gardist from Japan Satoko Fujii is at it again, releasing at once a new batch of records of distinct character.