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Spencer Davis saw big things for Steve Winwood: ‘You must be bloody kidding?! I knew from the get go’

We’re joined again by the namesake founder of the Spencer Davis Group, a too-long-undervalued member of 1960s rock royalty who should have been in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ages ago.

‘I wasn’t looking to duplicate Steve’s voice’: How the Spencer Davis Group carried on without Winwood

The Spencer Davis Group was, and remains, more than Steve Winwood – having continued recording and touring into the new millennium under the auspices of its Welsh-born multi-instrumentalist namesake.

Paul Rodgers wonders if Adam Lambert ‘has the groundwork to see him through’ high-profile Queen tour

Paul Rodgers, who toured with Queen for four years in the last decade, said he might not have taken the gig if it had been preceded by the media attention surrounding Adam Lambert’s similar feature spot in 2012.