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David Cain – Meditations (2018)

David Cain – Meditations (2018)

Even in this solo ‘piano’ setting, Cain finds ways to leverage technology: the quality organically-conceived music of Meditations was created with a little high-tech assistance.

Matthew Shipp Chamber Ensemble – The Gospel According to Matthew and Michael (2015)

Matthew Shipp Chamber Ensemble – The Gospel According to Matthew and Michael (2015)

The musicianship gets this improvised chamber jazz concept off the ground, but it’s the bottomless imaginations of Shipp, Maneri and Bisio that make ‘The Gospel According To Matthew and Michael’ fly.

Satoko Fujii and Natsuki Tamura Two-fer!: Muku and Forever (2012)

Easily the most talented husband-wife team in avant-garde jazz since Carla and Paul Bley, Natsuki Tamura and Satoko Fujii are also among the few who are extremely productive without sacrificing anything artistically.

One Track Mind: The Joel Harrison 7, "Whipping Post" (2012)

Here’s a guitarist with a version of the Allman Brothers’ “Whipping Post.” Think you know how this is gonna go, right? If you do, you didn’t consider that Joel Harrison isn’t into predictable music.

One Alternative – Air Sculpture (2011)

One Alternative again bursts through convention with Air Sculpture, moving well outside the bounds of typical acoustic ensembles by incorporating not just classical music forms but also the boisterous attitude of roots rock and the improvisational intrigue of jazz.

Half Notes: Jason Kao Hwang and Edge – Crossroads Unseen (2011)

Composer Jason Kao Hwang, performing on both violin and viola, starts with a foundation of chamber jazz, and then blows it up. Hwang (Reggie Workman, Anthony Braxton, Henry Threadgill) is just as apt to set off an explosion of emotive, Eastern-themed motifs (as on the title track from Crossroads Unseen, issued on Sunday by Euonymus Records), as he is aRead More

Norma Winstone – Stories Yet To Tell (2010)

by Mark Saleski A variant of the “I remember exactly where I was when I first heard this” thing is the phenomenon of incomplete Déjà Vu. This occurs when you hear a piece of music and it seems totally familiar … except … hmmm … what was it? The music of vocalist Norma Winstone reminds me of my Aunt Rose’sRead More

Erik Friedlander – Alchemy (2010)

Erik Friedlander – Alchemy (2010)

Earlier this week, Erik Friedlander released his 12th album, in his fiftieth year on earth. Those facts may not be so important to you, but the music that marks both events just might. Especially if you like the army of sounds, both familiar and strange, that Friedlander wrests from a cello. Alchemy, as he calls this new record, is reallyRead More