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One Track Mind: Twae-Left-Feet, “Guess into Frank’s Reel” (2013)

Beginning with a ruminative exploration on the fiddle, the Boston-based Celtic duo Twae-Left-Feet paint an enveloping portrait of old-world charm – before leaping with winking gusto into what might be best described as heel-clicking hootenanny. Meanwhile, Scott Burn’s layered, deeply intriguing work on the tambourine-like bodhran gives the tune both its ageless complexity and its joy-fueled propulsion. Turns out, “GuessRead More

Kompendium, featuring Steve Hackett, Gavin Harrison, Mel Collins, others – Beneath the Waves (2013)

Combining the diaphanous feel of Celtic music with the thunderous classically inspired rock that powered classic 1970s prog, multi-instrumentalist Rob Reed has created in Beneath the Waves something that feels both timeless and new.

On Second Thought: Richard Thompson – Electric (2013)

On Second Thought: Richard Thompson – Electric (2013)

Back when I compiled my “Best” Guitarists list, my hope was to reframe the discussion, making people see that there are different ways of evaluating talent. The good news is that most folks seemed to get the idea.

Loreena McKennitt – A Mediterranean Odyssey (2009)

It doesn’t happens very often (and too bad for that!), but there are times when you hear a piece of music, a guitar, or a voice for the first time and the whole world seems to drop away for that moment.

Half Notes: Jennifer Cuttings' Ocean Orchestra – Song of Solstice (2011)

An uplifting shard of Celtic sunlight amidst the shivery glimmerings of winter, Jennifer Cutting’s rousing Song of Solstice is garland of emerald-island legacy pieces, serenely beautiful carols and majestic folk songs — all performed with age-old instrumentation of accordion, fiddle, whistle and bagpipes. Themes focus not just on the joys and disappointments of the holiday seasons (“Voici la Noel,” “ChristmasRead More

Erwilian – Midwinter's Night (2010)

Erwilian – Midwinter's Night (2010)

By Nick DeRiso At once neo-renaissance, new age and something akin to blissed-out bluegrass, Erwilian’s holiday-themed concert recording Midwinter’s Night neatly sidesteps the pre-conceived notion of sickly sweet Yuletide fare. Midwinter’s Night, instead, is a concert souvenir from warm night of remembrance, affection and camaraderie – sparked by these friendly-as-family band members, who frequently interact. This cozy framework, coupled withRead More

Beth Patterson – Hybrid Vigor (1999)

NICK DERISO: Sequencing an album by the New Orleans-based Irish folkie Beth Patterson must be like trying to make sense of a series of radio stations. The first track on her debut solo CD was a classic reel, one of those familiar yet still luminous moments with the swirling rhythms seem to lift every soul at a pub performance. TheRead More