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The Beatles, “Chains” from Please Please Me (1963): Deep Beatles

The Beatles, “Chains” from Please Please Me (1963): Deep Beatles

This King and Goffin track typifies the Beatles’ early era, a time when the band was forming their own identity.

Stan Getz, Tito Puente, Herb Alpert, others – It’s a Scream How Levine Does the Rhumba (2013)

At first, this idea of Latin-Jewish music might seem exotic. Who mixes congas and kugels — much less bagels and bongos, right? The truth is, it’s been with us since at least the 1930s

Amanda Brecker – Blossom (2013)

Even during the height of her early-1970s singer-songwriter successes, when the radio was shag-carpeted with Carole King songs, I never could get past the idea that another singer would have done better by those lyrics.

Carole King explores her long career in song with Natural Woman: A Memoir

Oh, Carole. “I’d rather be number five, or even number ten, and stick around longer,” a once-reluctant Carole King says in remembrance of a time when she was urged to get in gear for a solo career. “I was hoping for career longevity…”

New Music Monday: Anathema, Deep Purple, Jack White, Peter Gabriel, Volbeat

Now that you’ve devoured all of the weekend’s Record Store Day goodies, time to refocus on the next round of tasty musical newness headed your way — including 2012 releases from Anathema, Jack White and the Maccabees

Presenters for this year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame include John Mellencamp, Smokey Robinson, Robbie Robertson, Chuck D

The list of presenters at this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame reads like, well, a hall of fame induction class

Gimme Five: Rock classics that you don't have to love

Gimme Five: Rock classics that you don't have to love

Spend enough time around rock music — or, at least, rock critics — and you’ll be convinced that any number of Seminal Works, Forgotten Gems and Timeless Standards are must-have items for your record collection. Even if they turn out to be, you know, retreads dressed up as brilliant pop redux (Gene Clark’s post-Byrds catalogue, many of Syd Barrett’s soloRead More