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Danko Jones – Fire Music (2015)

Danko Jones – Fire Music (2015)

There’s often been a touch of punk attitude in Danko Jones’ music, but ‘Fire Music’ seems to focus more intently on that part of their musical DNA.

Randy Bachman, “The Edge” from Heavy Blues (2015): One Track Mind

Randy Bachman, “The Edge” from Heavy Blues (2015): One Track Mind

Interesting to hear Randy Bachman channeling not the Guess Who — with whom he worked before co-founding BTO — but instead the actual Who.

The Breithaupt Brothers, “Where’s Mantis Evar” (2014): One Track Mind

“Where’s Mantis Evar,” originally by Monkey House, combines elements of the Breithaupt Brothers’ writing modis operandi in a rock setting.

Elizabeth Shepherd – The Signal (2014)

‘The Signal’ is bold, personal and completely lucid audio art from Elizabeth Shepherd. It wouldn’t be overstating it at all to assert that this is the most important vocal jazz record of 2014.

Peripheral Vision – Sheer Tyranny Of Will (2014)

Unfailingly fresh, incalculable and rewarding, Peripheral Vision is giving jazz the swift kick in the pants that it needs. ‘Sheer Tyranny Of Will’ is sheer inventive talent on display.

Anna Webber, with John Hollenbeck and Matt Mitchell – Simple (2014)

Webber laid bare her compositions, leaving it in a few, capable hands and in doing so, made them flourish.

Myriad3 – The Where (2014)

‘The Where’ is a solid step up from a level that was already high. No one should think jazz is stuck on neutral after listening to this trio, and one senses that they are just getting started.

The Road Hammers – Wheels (2014)

The Road Hammers – Wheels (2014)

Forget about the genre this album is supposed – or not supposed – to be.

Exclusive stream: Zebrina with Ben Goldberg, “The Desert Speaks” from Hamidbar Medaber (2014)

This Miles-meets-Mosada alchemy offers Interesting new twists.

Exclusive stream: Elizabeth Shepherd, “What’s Happening” from Signal (2014)

She will change your perceptions of what a “jazz vocalist” in this day and age means.