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The Beatles, “Act Naturally” from Help! (1965): Deep Beatles

The Beatles, “Act Naturally” from Help! (1965): Deep Beatles

“Act Naturally” came, well, naturally for Ringo Starr. He had flirted with country music long before joining the Beatles.

Buck Owens – Bound for Bakersfield, 1953-1956 (2011)

In a few short years after these sides were put to tape, Buck Owens would be hailed as the architect of the Bakersfield sound, notching memorable hits for Capitol including “Tiger by the Tail” and “Act Naturally.” He was, really, still gathering his tools, and picking out building materials. Yet, already, you can spot the foundational element of his loomingRead More

Buck Owens – Live in Scandinavia (1970)

Among some of my Internet friends, I’m known for being into “obscure” jazz. I suppose this is true, though given the average person’s engagement with the jazz world (face it people, it’s a pretty small number, percentage-wise), the definition of “obscure” is a slippery one. Maybe I just like obscure things, period. Like this country record. Thank goodness for SundazedRead More