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Something Else! Interview: Bob Gonzalez and Don Baskin of the Syndicate of Sound

The Syndicate of Sound, a garage-rock band from San Jose, California, was best known for their No. 8 1966 hit “Little Girl.” They also charted with “Rumors” (No. 55 in 1966) and with “Brown Paper Bag” (No. 73 in 1970) before initially breaking up.

Almost Hits: The Fun and Games, “The Grooviest Girl In The World” (1969)

Almost Hits: The Fun and Games, “The Grooviest Girl In The World” (1969)

Sounding like the Turtles on a bubblegum bender, “The Grooviest Girl In The World” received loads of airplay throughout Southern California and the Southwest during the early months of 1969

The Archies, DeFranco Family, Ohio Express, others – Bubble Gum Hits (2002)

[youtube] There’s definitely no lack of compilation albums promoting gooey goodies from the late 1960s and early 1970s, but this particular collection, which I picked up at the Dollar Store, is what I’ve been spinning the refried beans out of

Michael Lynch – Five Assorted Flavors (2012)

So many different artists and bands have been labeled bubblegum acts over the years that the term has strayed awfully far from its initial classification.

Forgotten series: The Royal Guardsmen – Anthology (1995)

Due to their hit singles concerning the antics of Snoopy, the wise beagle in the “Peanuts” comic strip, the Royal Guardsmen were branded a novelty act.

Forgotten series: Every Mother’s Son – The Very Best: Come On Down To My Boat (1997)

Rock and roll history is littered with one hit wonders, and that includes Every Mother’s Son.

Forgotten series: Various artists – The Super K Kollection, Volumes 1-2 (1994)

The late 1960s belonged to Jeffrey Katz and Jerry Kasenetz, who twiddled the knobs on gobs of singles and albums referred to as bubblegum music.