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Desert Island Discs: Records to Chill By

Desert Island Discs: Records to Chill By

Everybody has their own definition of a “chill” record. But if ever there was a time when one was desperately needed, it would likely be when you are stranded on a faraway island — with nothing but a volleyball to keep you company.

Brian Eno – Panic Of Looking EP (2011)

Considering the relative geekiness of some of his music, and you have to admit some of it really is geeky (hello, The Drop), Brian Eno has maintained an aura of cool that is undeniable.

Half Notes: Brian Eno – Another Day On Earth (2005)

Brian Eno’s first vocal, “pop”-based album since 1990’s overlooked classic (in my opinion) Wrong Way Up with John Cale and also to Nerve Net, Another Day On Earth found Eno in much more ambient territory than one might expect from the description. Comparisons to 1992’s Nerve Net are likely more fitting, but it’s really more like Eno’s work with JahRead More

Half Notes: Robert Fripp and Brian Eno – The Equatorial Stars (2004)

I excitedly ordered a copy of this collaboration between Robert Fripp and Brian Eno when it was released as an import through Fripp’s DGM records in the U.S., and I unfortunately cannot say I recommend it. For two geniuses of ambient, this was incredibly boring, and this is coming from a very, very big King Crimson/Fripp/etc. fan. Fripp sounded likeRead More

New documentary explores the making of Paul Simon’s Graceland, 25 years later

“Under African Skies,” a new documentary from Joe Berlinger on the making of Paul Simon’s Graceland, will debut on Jan. 22 at the 2012 Sundance Film Festival.

Gimme Five: Ambient records from Brian Eno, Mickey Hart, Robert Fripp, others

Music serves all sorts of different functions for people, so it’s not surprising that for every Einstein On The Beach enthusiast — count me as one — there are 10 who will just have to leave the room

Half Notes: Robert Fripp and Brian Eno – Beyond Even (1992-2006) (2006)

by Tom Johnson 2004’s Equatorial Stars seemed like a reunion after 12 years apart for these two ambient giants. After all, the last we’d heard from them was on Eno’s 1992 album Nerve Net, but little did we know that they’d been working together the entire time. This album pulls together the strongest bits of those sessions and, if youRead More

On Second Thought: Brian Eno – Drums Between the Bells (2011)

I initially dismissed this, almost out of hand: There’s a reason people haven’t been rocking Robert Frost all this time.

Something Else! Featured Artist: Talking Heads

The Talking Heads seemed to do what so few manage – start a career almost fully formed, then gradually grow without giving up their signature style. They emerged weird, polished that weirdness, and let the world catch up.

Top 10 Keepers for 2010: From the Black Keys to Brian Eno to Buddy Guy

by Nick DeRiso For me, the traditional year-ending Top 10 list has a more utilitarian standard: Which albums did I add to my permanent rotation? See, it’s the rarest of rare items that actually becomes a member of the collection. That’s the kind of standout recording we’ll be talking about today for my calendar-turning retrospective. I don’t know if theyRead More