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The Yellowjackets – Cohearence (2016)

The Yellowjackets – Cohearence (2016)

The Yellowjackets’ superb musicianship along with insightful composing and arrangements make ‘Cohearence’ maintain this group’s reputation as one of the foremost fusion groups operating. Since 1981.

Dave Stryker – Messin’ With Mister T (2015)

Dave Stryker – Messin’ With Mister T (2015)

‘Messin’ With Mister T’ is Dave Stryker’s grand show of appreciation for his former boss, and it only makes us miss tenor sax giant Stanley Turrentine even more.

Jeff Lorber Fusion – Step It Up (2015)

Jeff Lorber Fusion – Step It Up (2015)

‘Step It Up’ is not merely a title just as ‘The Jeff Lorber Fusion’ isn’t merely a name. It’s a challenge and Lorber with Jimmy Haslip rose up to meet it.

Yellowjackets – A Rise In The Road (2013)

A “rise in the road” connotes a challenge that needs to be met, and certainly a band that’s been around for thirty-two years has seen its share of them

Kait Dunton – Mountain Suite (2012)

About three years ago I received a CD called Real And Imagined by jazz pianist and composer Kait Dunton, which came out of nowhere and just blew me away.

Lorenzo Feliciati – Frequent Flyer (2012)

As one of the more talked about fusion records of last year, Naked Truth’s Shizaru put four established maestros from jazz, rock and avant garde words in the same studio, resulting in an album that pulled in creative streams from all of these music worlds into a purposeful, distinctive and provocative body of work.

Vince Mendoza – Nights on Earth (2011)

It’s been some time since we’ve heard Vince Mendoza working in such a personal context.

The Yellowjackets – Timeline (2011)

Photo by Raj Naik by S. Victor Aaron Tomorrow, a jazz band that’s been around for 30 years will release their 21st album. Founded in the aftermath of Robben Ford’s The Inside Story (1979), Ford’s backing band has been making records since their self-titled album from 1981. Through several line-up changes, keyboardist Russell Ferrante and electric bassist Jimmy Haslip have beenRead More