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Matija Dedic’, with Antonio Sanchez and Scott Colley – Sentiana (2014)

The classically trained, Croatian born pianist Matija Dedic’ certainly wears his Euro-classical heritage on his sleeve, and why not?

Carol Morgan – Retroactive (2013)

Carol Morgan is part of two jazz scenes, the NYC epicenter and the underrated Houston, Texas one. Her new, fifth release features this ace trumpeter with jazz luminaries from both towns.

Half Notes: Carol Morgan – Blue Glass Music (2011)

Last year’s Opening made me a believer in the trumpet wizardry of one Carol Morgan, who blazed through a set of originals and standards in a small combo without a piano. Her brand new follow-up Blue Glass Music follows the same formula, with perhaps a bit more emphasis on the standards. She also has a full time foil this timeRead More

Woody Witt – Pots and Kettles (2011)

If you’re a jazz fan in the Houston, Texas, area, you’ve surely heard of saxophonist Woody Witt. A tireless music educator around town, the manager and artistic director of one of Houston’s few jazz clubs, and a recording artist in his own right, Witt has a long list of credentials that could easily make up an entire long article

Harvie S – Cocolamus Bridge (2010)

Harvie S – Cocolamus Bridge (2010)

by Pico Acoustic bassist Harvie S has appeared on over 350 recordings for a very good reason. He has an unshakeable sense of swing, a flawless tone and otherworldly dexterity on his instrument. For a example of his amazing technique, just eyeball the video I embedded in a recent review of a Carol Morgan record. I can only shake myRead More