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David Phillips – Winter (2017)

David Phillips – Winter (2017)

With the more mainstream rock record ‘Winter,’ David Philips has again made music without making any concessions.

David Philips, “Home” from Winter (2017): Something Else! sneak peek

David Philips, “Home” from Winter (2017): Something Else! sneak peek

Here is “Home,” the advance single from David Philips’ upcoming ‘Winter’ album. Philips might change his tactics from time to time but the overall strategy of delivering quality, hand-made folk music never wavers.

David Philips, “Washes Over Me” (2016): Something Else! sneak peek

David Philips, “Washes Over Me” (2016): Something Else! sneak peek

A precursor of what’s next in store from UK-born/Spanish-residing David Phillips, “Washes Over Me” is a back-to-basics excursion from a guy who isn’t prone to stray far from the basics to start with.

David Philips – If I Had Wings (2015)

‘If I Has Wings’ is the work of a multi-talented musician liberating himself from the confines of staying within the lines of one genre to assimilate more ideas.

David Philips, “Angel” from If I Had Wings (2015): Something Else! sneak peek

Here is a review of David Philips’ pretty, ethereal number “Angel” from his upcoming album ‘If I Had Wings.’

One Track Mind: Boo Boo Davis, “The Rope” (2014)

The guys at the Dutch outfit Black and Tan Records had been known for bringing notice for overlooked American bluesmen such as James “Boo Boo” Davis, Big George Jackson and Harrison Kennedy. Lately, they’ve been going further by bringing their Delta blues into the 21st century.

One Track Mind: Tangled Eye, “Drinking Again” from Dream Wall (2014)

This song begins with a stumbling death rattle, all crepuscular menace, and then Dede Priest blurts out the title — and for a moment, it’s unclear, just who’s snot-slinging drunk.

David Philips – December Wine [4 Track Tapes] (2013)

[youtube] Last month we told you about an advance track by elemental Brit expat singer-songwriter David Philips. “A Sailor’s Song” gave much hope that the next album would be as good as his last one The Rooftop Recordings (2011).

Something Else sneak peek: David Philips, “A Sailor’s Song” (2013)

[youtube] Last year, a British singer-songwriter living in Spain by the name of David Philips made a no-frills record, The Rooftop Recordings, a bare-bones set of home recordings that depended entirely on Philips’ songs

miX&dorp (Various Artists) – Black and Tan Edits (2012)

DJ-manufactured dance/electronica/trance stuff isn’t usually my cup of tea, but maybe it’s the lack of good melodies to go along with the grooves. That’s the special advantage of Black And Tan Records’ “miX&dorp” party remixes of blues