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Something Else! Interview: Jazz singer Barb Jungr

Singer Barb Jungr is enjoying herself lately. With trips, tours and events, she is kept very busy. One important reason is she is in possession of something a lot of people want: her voice.

For UK jazz scene, a bold return to vibrancy: ‘Things, for a while, were not looking good’

Not so long ago, the UK jazz scene looked like it was in trouble. Audience numbers were dwindling and it became harder for musicians to get gigs, especially for those new on the scene.

Barb Jungr – Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen (2014)

Barb Jungr has a powerful tool in the box — and that is her voice. Combine this with the powerful songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, and a group of good musicians, and you have something which has the potential to blow your mind