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Blackfield, “From 44 to 48” from Blackfield V (2017): Something Else! sneak peek

Blackfield, “From 44 to 48” from Blackfield V (2017): Something Else! sneak peek

Today marks the worldwide release of ‘Blackfield V,’ the fifth installment of the Aviv Geffen/Steven Wilson collaboration – except in North America.

Blackfield – Blackfield V (2017)

Blackfield – Blackfield V (2017)

Now a true Steven Wilson/Aviv Geffen collaboration again, Blackfield gets its mojo back with ‘Blackfield V’.

Steven Wilson talks about walking away from Aviv Geffen and Blackfield

Steven Wilson has gone into greater detail about why he is leaving Blackfield, his art rock collaboration with Israeli artist Aviv Geffen.

Blackfield – Live in NYC DVD (2007)

It wasn’t enough that we got not only the amazing Blackfield II album, and one great album and an equally great EP from Steven Wilson’s main band, Porcupine Tree (Fear of a Blank Planet and Nil Recurring, respectively) in 2007, we then got this live DVD to sate the desires of fans clamoring for more — because we always are.Read More

On Second Thought: Blackfield – II (2007)

Guitarist and vocalist Steven Wilson seems to have split his pop sensibility off from his “other” band, Porcupine Tree, so they could focus more on delving into darker subjects with heavier music. Blackfield, his project with Israeli singer Aviv Geffen, is more of an outlet for his more, um … “upbeat” material. I say upbeat in quotes because it’s hardRead More