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S. Victor Aaron’s Top Albums for 2012, Part 2 of 4: Mainstream and Modern Jazz

<<< Part One, Non-Jazz ||| Part 3, Whack Jazz >>> In the jazz world, I’ve found that the long-established artists, especially the ones who play in the well-established styles, get the bulk of the press and buzz.

S. Victor Aaron’s Half-Year List of Top Albums for 2012, Part 2 of 4: Modern/ Mainstream Jazz

Here we are only halfway done with 2012 and it’s already been a bangin’ year for modern and mainstream jazz, whether you prefer a celebration of the tradition or an expansion of the frontiers.

Aruán Ortiz – Orbiting (2012)

The brilliant pianist from Cuba Aruán Ortiz made a strong positive impression to anyone who paid attention to his 2010 release Alameda, a sophisticated outing of modern jazz that eludes adequate comparisons.

Aruán Ortiz featuring Antione Roney – Alameda (2010)

Aruán Ortiz featuring Antione Roney – Alameda (2010)

by S. Victor Aaron Wallace Roney’s live album that bowed last spring is a good record for several reasons, first and foremost because of the trumpet player’s dexterity on the brass horn. In our brief review of If Only For One Night, I didn’t have room to say much about the contributions of his band, but it should be notedRead More