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The Friday Morning Listen: John Mellencamp – Life Death Love and Freedom (2008)

The Friday Morning Listen: John Mellencamp – Life Death Love and Freedom (2008)

Hey Mr. Mellencamp, last night I came across your article on the Huffington Post. Interesting stuff. And yeah, the music “industry” has indeed changed.

Desert Island Discs: Blue Note Records Edition

Desert Island Discs: Blue Note Records Edition

Our newest Desert Island Discs poll delves into one of jazz music’s signature labels, as we’re castaway to the isle of Blue Note.

Steven Wilson – Get All You Deserve (2012)

Get All You Deserve, the just-released concert DVD from Steven Wilson, showcases a live performer coming into his own, even as it provides a brief glimpse into his forthcoming new solo release.

Desert Island Discs: Original Movie Soundtrack Edition

Make fun of the “Saturday Night Fever” all you want, but our group won’t be leaving for their doomed trek without this oft-dissed soundtrack.

Desert Island Discs: Box Set Edition

Given a chance to stuff five box sets into our baggage before that fateful trip, our panel of intrepid travelers has selected the Beatles and Miles Davis as must-have items. But not by much.

Desert Island Discs: Greatest Hits Edition

For some bands, it’s all about the albums. For others, though, it’s all about the songs — and you’ll need a handful of best-of sets, too, for your fateful trip to this isolated desert isle.

Mark Knopfler – Privateering (2012)

Mark Knopfler works with a loose theme here, that of living by your wits on the high seas, but the broader messages found on Privateering are sure to resonate with anyone who’s faced down life’s mighty struggles.

Desert Island Discs: One Hit Wonder Edition

By this estimation, the decade of the One Hit Wonder was the 1970s, as our panel of potentially stranded passengers voted for 18 tracks from that era to take along on their doomed trip.

Desert Island Discs: 1990s Rock and Pop Edition

Though the 1990s are generally associated with the shooting-star grunge movement, our desert island is apparently going to have precious few albums from the likes of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Alice in Chains.

Desert Island Discs: 1970s R&B, Soul and Funk Edition

In the same way that the Beatles were the undisputed kings among 1960s classic rock Desert Island Discs, Stevie Wonder owned R&B in the subsequent decade.