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‘One of the best shows Yes ever did’: The threat of gun fire in Argentina didn’t slow Jon Anderson

‘One of the best shows Yes ever did’: The threat of gun fire in Argentina didn’t slow Jon Anderson

Yes arrived in Argentina with “Owner of a Lonely Heart” in their back pocket as a charttopping smash. Turns out, however, that the date was still a bit too close to the end of the Falklands War.

Emilio Teubal – Musica Para Un Dragon Dormido (2013)

Emilio Teubal’s third album (his first for Brooklyn Jazz Underground Records) is, like the prior two, a record that draws on his Argentinian roots. But this pianist, composer and bandleader doesn’t make Musica Para Un Dragon Dormido another collection of self-described “Argentinian jazz.”

Half Notes: Pablo Aslan – Piazzolla in Brooklyn (2011)

You hear about musicians being moved to a new tribute by dusty old masterpieces, about timeless moments on vinyl that crackle and pop to life as reborn honorifics. Then there’s the jazz tango disaster Take Me Dancing, a 1959 recording by Astor Piazzola that is so irredeemably bad that it has spurred the Grammy-nominated Pablo Aslan to action. (Piazzolla himselfRead More

Florencia Ruiz – Luz de la Noche (2011)

Occasionally I’ll come across a record that sounds very pleasing to me and then realize that the music falls outside my usual areas of interest. Like, for instance, this new one by Florencia Ruiz that I’ve been listening to a lot in the last few days.

Pablo Embon – Second Chances (2011)

Dave Kikoski – Persistent Dreams (1991)

NICK DERISO: Skid past the first few tracks — an overcooked original, then a couple of snoozers that are just too obvious in their modern cliche — and Dave Kikoski began to live up to his producer’s persistent tips of the hat. That would be Steely Dan guitarist Walter Becker, who wrote the liner notes. He stumbled across Kikoski doingRead More

Pat Metheny Group – Offramp/ First Circle (1982/1984)

Whenever you examine a great band that’s been going on as long as The Pat Metheny Group has, you can usually look back and find a period where they reached a crucial turning point in their development. They found some initial success with their original sound but after a few years felt themselves growing stale and before the public startedRead More