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Arto Lindsay – Encyclopedia of Arto (2014)

If you’re looking for a little ear expansion, Arto Lindsay’s your man.

Dumpstaphunk – Dirty Word (2013)

Dumpstaphunk’s Dirty World is a layered delight, just as interesting on a close listen as Ivan Neville shares a sun-filled positivity as it as from the dance floor, where its twin-bass attack provides a thump that could bring down buildings.

One Track Mind: Ani DiFranco, "Which Side Are You On? (2012)

Bruce Springsteen underscored the power and sweep of songs associated with Pete Seeger a few years back. Ani DiFranco, in the title track from her forthcoming new album, goes one step further.

Ani DiFranco – Red Letter Year (2008): Half Notes

I can’t help it, but I cringe when hearing that a musician has had their first child. We know what’s coming. The new album where the happy new parental unit goes all gooey about this new life and how wonderful it all is. Holy crap, that sounds cynical. Ahem … Then came Ani DiFranco to prove me wrong. If everRead More

Ani DiFranco – Canon (2007): Half Notes

by Mark Saleski I’m not generally known for buying best-of packages (the last exception was Tom Waits’ Used Songs, because I arrived on vacation to discover that I’d not packed any Waits. Two weeks with no Tom Waits? No way!), but Ani’s career has been so prolific that this is a great survey. That, and I love to support herRead More