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Xiu Xiu – NINA (2013)

Xiu Xiu vocalist Jamie Stewart enlists Ches Smith and These Arches to record a Nina Simone tribute record. The resulting NINA is one of the weirdest records of 2013.

Ches Smith and These Arches – Hammered (2013)

Ches Smith’s These Arches boasts a line-up so powerful I had to check the statute books to see if this grouping was even legal.

Satoko Fujii – ETO, Watershed and Rafale (2011)

Our favorite avant gardist from Japan Satoko Fujii is at it again, releasing at once a new batch of records of distinct character.

One Track Mind: Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Black "43 RPM" (2003)

by S. Victor Aaron Jazz trios that push the envelope are a lot of fun to listen to. With only two other players to be accountable for, each member gets to take more chances than they might be able to get away with in a larger setting. And when it’s an unconventional getup, like say, a sax, drums and accordion,Read More

One Track Mind: Nels Cline, "Compulsion" (2006)

by S. Victor Aaron Heavy metal is not the kind of music I get into that much, but combine it with avant garde jazz and it’s often a whole ‘nother story. Caspar Brotzmann, The Scorch Trio, parts of The Vandermark 5; these guys have a way of making two seemingly incompatible worlds collide but the two genres are probably closerRead More