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One Track Mind: The Fireman, "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight" (2008)

One Track Mind: The Fireman, "Nothing Too Much Just Out Of Sight" (2008)

“Just reading those lines (of the Townshend interview) fired my imagination. I thought, Right, they’ve done what they think was the loudest and dirtiest; we’ll do what we think. I went into the studio and told the guys, ‘Look, I’ve got this song but Pete said this and I want to do it even dirtier.’ It was a great briefRead More

Philip Glass – ‘Low’ Symphony (1993)

Composed in the spring of 1992, and based on the classic David Bowie collaboration with Brian Eno from 1977, Philip Glass’ orchestral interpretation is that oddity that makes sense. Originally an experimental recording of startling depth and complexity, it follows that “Low” would transfer well into the next iteration. Glass — a three-time Academy Award-nominated classical-music composer — took threeRead More

Christopher Caouette – Ring of Dragons (1999)

by Nick DeRiso Like “alternative” before it, the term new-age music has been stretched out of shape by the varied and interesting voices that have gotten involved over the years. But you’ve got to have a label for the bins at those mall record stores. And, so it goes. Peek inside, though, and you’ll find several different layers. Take ChristopherRead More

The Fireman – Strawberries Oceans Ships Forest (1994)

Capitol Records tried to drop hints that was, in fact, a record by Paul McCartney. Press information shipped with the advance CDs had a pull-out reproduction of a tabloid, apparently circa 1964: “‘Beatlemania,’” the headline screamed, “sweeps U.S.” But the enclosed news release goes on and on about “an anonymous duo” known as the Fireman. No other details given onRead More