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Something Else! sneak peek: Sly 5th Ave, “Deme” from Akuma (2014)

Sylvester Uzoma Onyejiaka II is a jazz saxophonist you should get very familiar with, especially once his debut album Akuma hits the streets on February 11. You don’t have to remember that name though, “Sly 5th Ave” will work just fine.

Leni Stern – Jelell (2013)

Perhaps like a lot of jazz guitar fans, I came to Leni Stern by way of her husband Mike, the owner of the so-called “Chops of Doom.”

Tchiya Amet – Celestial Folk Music (2012)

[youtube] Tchiya Amet creates this interesting subtext, weaving a mystical tapestry of stories, myths, legends and spells through a varied rhythmic landscape. But even if you aren’t familiar with the source material, Celestial Folk Music charms.

Mandingo Ambassadors – Tougna (2012)

Since around the 13th century, the Kouyaté family has upheld a proud tradition as oral historians and folk virtuosic musicians, or griots, serving ancient kings who once ruled over West Africa.

Manu Dibango – Wakafrika (1994)

Manu Dibango has a perfectly balanced feel for both the lithe American jazz form but also the murkier pleasures of traditional African music. What’s almost criminal is that he couldn’t elicit a second glance on your average U.S. sidewalk. That, despite the fact that Dibango, 60 at the time of this recording, scored his first international hit in 1972, theRead More