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Desert Island Discs: Beatles Cover Tune Edition

Whether you like the Beatles or not, their music can certainly take you to some interesting places — as reflected in our latest edition of Desert Island Discs.

‘Couldn’t be happier’: Julian Lennon on new collaborations with Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler

Julian Lennon will not only be featured on the new Aerosmith album singing background vocals, he has also concluded a full-song collaboration with Steven Tyler.

After postponing long-awaited new album, Aerosmith is now pushing back its show, too

Patience is certainly a virtue for fans of classic rockers Aerosmith. First, their forthcoming new studio release was pushed back.

'We're always gonna be together': Joe Perry on his complex relationship with Steven Tyler

Joe Perry and Steven Tyler have had their ups and downs over a lengthy tenure in Aerosmith, including a series of dramatic breakups, emotional dust-ups and very lucrative reunions.

Something Else! sneak peek: Aerosmith, “Legendary Child” (2012)

We waited eight years for this? A retread of a throw-away track from the Get a Grip album, which for the most part should have been a throw-away itself?

Are they still Guns n' Roses?: Axl Rose's Hall of Fame diss raises an interesting question

Frontman Axl Rose composes a surprisingly cogent — though, nevertheless, staggeringly wrongheaded — letter declining to participate in Guns n’ Roses’ upcoming 2012 induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Our Fred Phillips responds

Joe Perry looks back on Aerosmith's 1980s-era records: 'They were like product, almost'

Every album Aerosmith issued in the 1980s rose to at least gold-selling status, with 1989’s explosively popular Pump streaking to seven-times platinum sales. But that doesn’t make the decade a golden era.

Aerosmith's ready to rock this way with 18-date American summer tour

No word yet on when the new album will drop, but Aerosmith is definitely hitting the road this summer. Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Co. have announced a 18-date American tour, to be played between June 16 and August 8.

Are new U.S. tour details to come in Aerosmith's 'big' Wednesday announcement?

No official word, but a pair of messages from the band seem to hint that an announcement is forthcoming on a new Aerosmith tour. Fans could find out the specifics of the group’s long-rumored North American dates as early as Wednesday.

'He was irresponsible': Aerosmith discusses Steven Tyler's drug-addled stage tumble

On this Sunday’s edition of ’60 Minutes,’ members of Aerosmith retrace the band’s long and winding road to fame — including a scary tumble by Steven Tyler off a stage a few years ago in Bogota, Columbia. Tyler has since admitted he was high on prescription drugs at the time.