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Abigail Riccards – Every Little Star (2013)

Abigail Riccards has decamped to Chicago, where she continues to ply her trade as an intimate and involving singer — not to mention a respected educator. But time spent in New York, which exposed her to the work of Artsrides, still resonates.

Abigail Riccards – Soft Rains Fall (2011)

When I first listened to Chicago-based jazz singer Abigail Riccards I had that strange and wonderful feeling of temporarily “forgetting who I was.” This is the kind of power that music can have

Half Notes: Abigail Riccards – When The Night Is New (2008)

I’m sure you’re familiar with that cliché about a voice so beautiful, you wouldn’t mind hearing it sing the phone book. Well, sometimes there’s a whole lot of truth in that concept. When I heard her take on “You Don’t Know What Love Is,” I temporarily forgot who I was. Yes, Abigail Riccards is that good. ‘Half Notes’ are quick-takeRead More