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Lady Gaga – ARTPOP (2013)

I’d like to say that Lady Gaga (or is it Stefani Germanotta now?) is a very interesting person, making a bold attempt to fuse art with pop music, a resurrection of Pop Art…but I just don’t see it.

The Friday Morning Listen: Abba – Arrival (1977)

All of the Internet chatter this past week about this year’s Rock Hall of Fame nominations has been great fun. It’s great fun every year.

Guilty pleasures: Copping to Culture Club, Madonna — and, OK, much worse

I have a confession to make. The other morning, while munching on a bowl of hemp granola and slurping my first cuppa, I watched a Justin Timberlake video … and I really liked the song

The Friday Morning Listen: Abba – The Visitors (1981)

I remember seeing the first ones. They were behind the glass at the front desk at Strawberries Records. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know what they were.

Gimme Five: More disco songs that don't, you know, suck

Gimme Five: More disco songs that don't, you know, suck

by Nick DeRiso The 1970s weren’t all shag carpeting and plaid pants. OK, they were. But not all of it sucked. Really. We’ve done the research. If it meant dusting off the turntable, digging out the flared pants, and fro-ing up their hair again? Well, those are the sacrifices that must be made in the name of science …