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WTF?! Wednesdays: Aaron Novik, “Earth as Dragon Egg” (2011)

WTF?! Wednesdays: Aaron Novik, “Earth as Dragon Egg” (2011)

This week the weirdness comes less from the music than from the combination of music and situation. Me and TheWife™ were in the middle of a crowded plane flight, rushing toward the other coast to deal with a family emergency.

Half Notes: Aaron Novik – Secrets Of Secrets (2012)

Clarinetists don’t typically have a reputation of being adventurous (our own Mort Weiss notwithstanding), but it isn’t for the lack of such practitioners as Ben Goldberg and Chris Speed working hard to punch holes into those perceptions. Add Aaron Novik to that list of clarinet insurgents. Novik, who once studied under Greenberg, has likewise reached back to ancient Hebrew musicRead More