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Carla Bley – The Lost Chords Find Paolo Fresu (2007)

by s. Victor Aaron A few months ago, we bemoaned the loss of a quality modern jazz composer in Paul Nash and noted how it seems we are well past the heyday of melodists of large-form jazz. Oh my, how did I ever forget about the still-thriving Carla Bley? Carla has been one of the most unique and consistent stylistsRead More

Books: Keith Bradsher – High And Mighty (2003)

by Mark Saleski A friend of mine (a car aficionado, racer and mechanic) loaned me this. If you’ve ever been interested in how SUVs came into existence…and how they became so popular, then this might be of interest. The safety issues are well known (rollover risk, damage to other vehicles, etc). What I thought was particularly interesting were all ofRead More

The Eagles – Long Road Out Of Eden (2007)

My initial impression of the first release of all new songs by this major act in twenty-eight years is that this is a record that plays to all their strengths: crisp songwriting by the Frey/Henley partnership (“I Love To Watch A Woman Dance” is drop dead gorgeous), simple but precise musicianship and gorgeous harmonies. In fact, the harmonies sound evenRead More

Stanley Clarke – The Toys Of Men (2007)

I’m becoming a Stanley Clarke fan again. After a quarter of a century of sitting on the sidelines as he delved into lightweight urban contemporary, soundtracks scoring for the big and little screens alike and playing in other people’s bands, Clarke is back to doing what made him a household name among fusion enthusiasts in the first place: honest-to-goodness balls-to-the-wallRead More

Howard Wiley – The Angola Project (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron At the base level, music’s purpose is to entertain. Some musicians go beyond mere entertainment and use their music to promote a point of view, provoke thought and kindle certain kinds of emotions. Hand in hand with those higher goals are the use of music as a vehicle to educate listeners. On The Angola Project, jazzRead More

The Stryker-Slagle Band – Latest Outlook (2007)

by Pico David Stryker, like my main man John Scofield, is the kind of jazz guitarist who never seems satisfied with sticking in one style of music for too long. Earlier this week we presented a pretty damned impressive fusion side of his with 1998’s Shades Of Miles. Last year, Stryker did his late, great boss Jack McDuff proud withRead More

Quickies: Stephen Stills, Keith Jarrett, Ethan Keller

This installment of “Quickies” actually boasts some more diversity than the last one. As in some (gasp) singer-songwriter records! Sandwiched in between is a jazz icon, who like the first entry, recorded some folk-rock back in 1968. Thankfully, he eventually chose the right genre. The last guy is in a similar position today as the first guy was in thatRead More

Manu Katché – Playground (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron The French drummer Manu Katché has carved out a real nice career touring and recording behind names like Peter Gabriel, Sting, Joni Mitchell, Dire Straits, Michael McDonald and Joan Armatrading. So what kind of record would you expect from an A-list pop percussionist? If you said such a record would be as if Brian Blade decidedRead More

Quickies: Josh Nelson, Steve Allee, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Hunter/Bobby Previte

by S. Victor Aaron It’s been hard to get my head out of the jazz idiom lately. That hadn’t limited the variety in my listening that much, since “jazz” covers so much musical ground. For this go-around of Quickies, the first two selections aren’t all that dissimilar but then the style goes to way-back for the third one then way-forwardRead More

Bill Frisell, et. al. – Floratone (2007)

by S. Victor Aaron Bill Frisell is a guy I’ve been a huge fan of for about six or seven years, but the sheer volume, originality and wide range of his music has made it impossible for me to know where to begin when writing about him. There is not a guitarist of any stripe on the scene today whoRead More