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Half Notes: Kent DuChaine and Johnny Shines, "Sweet Home Chicago" (1992)

by Derrick Lord I’ll never forget my first night at a “real bar” when I turned legal. There used to be this place called Daddy Rawshucks Oyster Bar, which was the typical cool joint so common then and so rare now. No corporate logo needed. I was legal anyway but my brother was not. No problem there: I bought, weRead More

Half Notes: Miles Davis – Doo Bop (1991)

Confession time: I still have a place in my heart for Miles Davis‘ oft-reviled last album Doo-Bop. Sure, taken as a hip hop album, it didn’t set any new standards. But taken as a jazz album looking to the future, it held lasting importance as the precursor to hybrid albums by Guru and Us3, hits that included (for the firstRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: Pat Metheny – A Map of the World (1999)

Author Jonathan Franzen (The Corrections, Freedom) was feeling sort of burned out and overexposed after spending several months book touring, with his personal history a constant subject. His solution was to travel to a remote island

Forgotten series: David Torn – Tripping Over God (1995)

by Tom Johnson David Torn’s Tripping Over God is an album that has defied description since the day I bought it in 1995. With only a vague knowledge of the man as a member of David Sylvian’s band for the Secrets Of The Beehive album

Deep Cuts: Sting, "Island of Souls" (1991)

Deep Cuts: Sting, "Island of Souls" (1991)

“The Soul Cages,” a Sting album about boyhood grief, remains this strangely powerful if demanding narrative, one with textured song structures and densely emotional themes. Its triumph comes right away, though, on the opener “Island of Souls” — a compellingly dark, perfectly conceived tale of a riveter’s son whose dream of the open sea only grows more intense when heRead More

One Track Mind: Bruce Cockburn, "Pacing The Cage" (1996)

Some people just have a gift for the odd twist of phrase that makes a song mean so much more than just a bunch of words or even just a mood. Bruce Cockburn, the Canadian sorta-Christian singer/songwriter is one such guy

Forgotten series: The JB Horns – Funky Good Time/Live (1993)

by Nick DeRiso Maceo Parker — leader of the ferocious JB Horns, James Brown‘s band and musical backbone back in the day — once put it all in perspective, introducing a song from the stage: “We like to play two percent jazz … and 98 percent funky stuff.”

The Friday Morning Listen: Elvis Costello – All This Useless Beauty (1996)

by Mark Saleski This is not about politics. Though I do try to keep a safe distance from it, the volume level of that particular circus has risen to something beyond deafening.

The Friday Morning Listen: Pat Metheny – Imaginary Day (1997)

The Friday Morning Listen: Pat Metheny – Imaginary Day (1997)

by Mark Saleski I’ve been reading bits and pieces of Henry Miller’s The Air-Conditioned Nightmare, Miller’s collection of essays about his travels around the United States. The expatriate writer had wanted to see what his homeland had become, to get to the core of it all. As with all of his work, Miller pulled no punches — there were partsRead More

The Friday Morning Listen: Tom Waits – Mule Variations (1999)

The Friday Morning Listen: Tom Waits – Mule Variations (1999)

by Mark Saleski “Every man has inside himself a parasitic being who is acting not at all to his advantage.” -William S. Burroughs.This seem true enough, and mine wants to live in that house. He whispers in my ear to leave almost everything behind. We get into these major fights about what stays and goes. The house is quite small,Read More