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Gimme Five: Steve Smith on songs with Journey, Jean-Luc Ponty, Vital Information

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to Steve Smith, who’s had memorable tenures with Journey and Jean-Luc Ponty and now leads the fusion jazz group Vital Information.

Something Else! Featured Artist: The Who

In a way, the Who has no one to blame for a slow and steady slide into overlooked rock-god status.

One Track Mind: Rush, "Countdown" (1982)

by Tom Johnson Growing up, I plastered my room with pictures of the space shuttle. Glorious photos of the shuttle leaping forth from its pad in a blaze of orange flame

One Track Mind: Timbuk 3, "National Holiday" (1989)

by S. Victor Aaron So you’re thinking, “Timbuk 3, weren’t they the ones who had that cool song back in the 1980s …?” Yes, yes, we’re talking about that husband and wife tandem of Pat and Barbara K. McDonald

Guilty pleasures: Poison – Open Up and Say … Aah! (1988)

by Fred Phillips In the circle of music fans that I normally find myself in, mentioning Poison is usually not a good idea. Bands with poof hair and makeup — unless, of course, it’s corpse paint — will usually get you laughed out of the conversation.

The Friday Morning Listen: John Mellencamp – Uh-Huh (1983)

We had the “official” start of summer a little over a week ago, by I’ve always felt that the 4th of July weekend was when summer stepped into its full bloom.

Pat Metheny and Ornette Coleman – Song X (1986; reissue)

by Mark Saleski Sorta like Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, Pat Metheny and Ornette Coleman’s Song X has long been a strange attractor for all sorts of hyperbole, rumor-mongering and dismissal.

Neil Young and the International Harvesters – A Treasure (2011)

Time to rethink Neil Young and the 1980s. A Treasure, featuring live songs from a 1984-85 tour with a group of Nashville pros, is the sixth release in Young’s ongoing Archives Performance Series — and it shines a spotlight on an often overlooked period

Father’s Day special: Mike + the Mechanics, "The Living Years" (1988)

If there’s one song I am drawn to by the message alone, it’s this one. The cheesy late-eighties production and the plain melody does not bother me one bit.

Last Exit – Koln (1986)

I do believe that there just might be a major error in the Guinness Book of World Records. They’re claiming that the loudest animal sound is made by the blue whale. Hmmmm … not that I want to be a know-it-all or anything but I’m fairly certain that the loudest animal noise ever made was by tenor sax player PeterRead More