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Heart – Greatest Hits (1998; 2011 Audio Fidelity Remaster)

The distractions when it comes to Heart (gender politics, obvious curtsies to Led Zeppelin, wall-to-wall 1980s power-ballads, etc.) are swept away

Guilty pleasures: White Lion, "Radar Love" (1989)

by Fred Phillips I don’t like White Lion. Not even a little bit. During my teen years I got so sick of “When the Children Cry” that I felt like puking every time I heard it.

The Friday Morning Listen: Thomas Dolby – The Flat Earth (1984)

I like this idea: that on any given evening there’s a decent chance that there’s a man on the eastern coast of England, sitting in the wheelhouse of his refurbished 1930’s era lifeboat

Thomas Dolby on ‘She Blinded Me With Science,’ ‘Hyperactive,’ others: Gimme Five

Even as Thomas Dolby got set to release A Map of the Floating City, his first album of new music in almost 20 years, his sound somehow remained both associated with the MTV era, and almost completely unbound by it. “If you’re right,” Dolby tells us, “it’s because everything is built from the song’s foundation. It tended to be theRead More

Something Else! Interview: Synth-pop pioneer Thomas Dolby

Forever associated with “She Blinded Me With Science,” Thomas Dolby quickly moved well outside of that MTV-era hit’s new wave experimentation.

Something Else! Interview: Jazz guitarist Bill Frisell

We might be tempted to take for granted quietly impactful triumphs like guitarist Bill Frisell’s forthcoming All We Are Saying, an Americana-infused tribute to John Lennon.

Gimme Five: The Pat Metheny Trio

by Mark Saleski Many artists, when asked to pick a favorite from their own discography, will lean toward their most recent release. Sure, I can see that. You work on new material, it’s fresh and exiting, and right there in the front of your mind. I’ve wondered what Pat Metheny’s response would be

The Friday Morning Listen: Abba – The Visitors (1981)

I remember seeing the first ones. They were behind the glass at the front desk at Strawberries Records. I’m pretty sure I didn’t even know what they were.

Deep Cuts: Dash Rip Rock, "Endeavor" (1987)

Much of the soundtrack to my college years was set to the tune of Dash Rip Rock, one of Louisiana’s premier party bands. It’s unfortunate that every time I mention the band to someone not from Louisiana or the surrounding states, I’m usually met by a blank stare, or maybe a Flintstones or Beverly Hillbillies reference.

Forgotten series: David Sylvian – Gone To Earth (1986)

by Tom Johnson I have a sort of extra-sensory perception relegated solely to picking up the faint signals thrown off by the arrival of music I want in a music store at a specific location.