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Half Notes: Sun Ra – Space Is The Place (1974)

by Mark Saleski If they had a jazz big band playing on that old TV show “Lost In Space,” this would be the one. Take a sort of big band lineup, but then mix in some 1960’s spacey keyboards and some truly wacky vocals. Sun Ra and his Arkestra were the Grateful Dead of their day. ‘Half Notes’ are quick-takeRead More

One Track Mind: Muddy Waters, "Mannish Boy" (1977)

by Tom Johnson When Tool’s Lateralus came out a few years back, there was much talk about how intense it was going to be, how it was going to be all about building tension and sudden release. I ran out and scarfed up a copy

The Friday Morning Listen: Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run (1975)

One of the things I love about our 24/7 “news” cycle is the daily “Which new technology is going to kill you or otherwise screw your life up”-type story. Cell phones cause brain tumors. Facebook is leading people to have extramarital kokey pokey.

Gimme Five: Lenny White on "Vulcan Worlds," "Bitches Brew," "Sofistifunk," others

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, we hand the reins over to Lenny White, drummer with fusion-rock pioneers Return to Forever.

Steely Dan Sunday, "Your Gold Teeth" (1973)

< >> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** Cathy Berberian was this phenomenal opera/modern classical/anything vocally challenging singer. Born in Attleboro, Massachusetts in 1925, Berberian was into music at an early age

Duke Ellington – Live at the Whitney (1995)

Early on, you never heard much piano from Duke Ellington, a grievous thing. It was only in the twilight of his career that this American jazz master regularly consented to taping some shows where his impish wit at the instrument could be heard front and center.

Guilty pleasures: The classic-rock live album

by Mark Saleski Superfluous. Meaningless. Pointless. Redundent. Obligatory. No, I haven’t been playing with my thesaurus. These are just some of the words that are often used to describe live recordings.

Paul McCartney – McCartney; McCartney II (1970/1980; 2011 reissue)

These two Paul McCartney albums show a willingness to strip down what had become a varnished sound. But they haven’t aged in the same way.

Half Notes: Otis Spann – Last Call (1970)

This remarkable lost classic was not released until 2000 — because the tapes were thought to have been destroyed … until they were found in a warehouse in 1999. Done just three weeks before Otis Spann’s death from liver cancer, Muddy Waters‘ most sympathetic pianist is featured primarily with his wife’s fiery vocals (Spann was too weak to join in).Read More

Steely Dan Sunday, “The Boston Rag” (1973)

Steely Dan Sunday, “The Boston Rag” (1973)

There aren’t a whole lot of lyrics to this Steely Dan song, but I’ve never been quite able to decipher them. No one else seems to be too sure what they mean, either.