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The Beatles, “Eight Days A Week” from Beatles For Sale (1964): Deep Beatles

The Beatles, “Eight Days A Week” from Beatles For Sale (1964): Deep Beatles

The year was 1985; the scene, Mr. Tantillo’s eighth-grade chorus class. On Fridays, students were allowed to bring in their own music so we could “experience” diverse tastes.

Del Shannon – 1961-1990: A Complete Career Anthology (1998)

Contrary to collective belief, there was a lot of good music to be had prior to the worldwide invasion of the Beatles in 1964.

Something Else! Interview: Bob Cowsill, of the Cowsills

Formed while siblings Bill (guitar), Bob (guitar and organ), Barry (bass) and John (drums) were still in school, the Cowsills went on to become one of the most popular bands of the late 1960s.

Forgotten series: Ted Munda – The Enfields / Friends Of The Family (1993)

Both these bands hailed from Wilmington, Delaware and featured the enterprising handiwork of singer, songwriter and guitarist Ted Munda.

The Rascals – The Ultimate Rascals (1986)

From 1965 to 1969, the Young Rascals, who eventually slimmed their name down to simply the Rascals, racked up an impressive total of 13 top 40 hit singles.

Forgotten series: Paul Revere, the McCoys, others – Whole Lotta Lava (1993)

Found in the bargain bins at the now-defunct Borders Books some years ago, this Risky Business disc bears the subtitle “Make Out Music From The Psychedelic Era,” which is partially appropriate.

Bill Evans – Live At Art D'Lugoff's Top Of The Gate (2012)

As much as I enjoy piano trio jazz, such a trio playing the predictable fare of standards in their traditional arrangements does not get me very fired up. This here record is one of those affairs

Forgotten series: Flower Power, Spontaneous Combustion, others – Beyond The Calico Wall (1993)

Here’s an invitation to journey beyond the calico wall, where the skies are paved with marshmallow love, yellow orange hangs on a string and the concept of hate and war melt like popsicles!

Half Notes: Various artists – Flower Power (2007)

This massive 10-CD box set is perfect for somebody looking to load up on music from a variety of 1970s genres: folk, folk rock, pop, rock, psychedelic rock … it’s all there. The broad categories presented are: “Groovin,’” “Born To Be Wild,” “Time of the Season,” “Age of Aquarius,” and “The Hits of 1967.” The set reminds me of thoseRead More

The Chocolate Watch Band – The Inner Mystique (1968, 2012 reissue)

Originally released on the Tower label in early 1968, The Inner Mystique marked the second album from the Chocolate Watch Band.