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The Woggles – Teendanceparty (1994): Forgotten series

A group with the sound and spirit of 1960s-era garage bands, the Woggles are best decribed by the things they are not — despite being from Athens, Ga. No Dead influences. No side projects with Peter Buck. “Teendanceparty” is, instead, refreshingly free of any jangly pretense. In fact, the Woggles’ muscular, long-playing debut was built on a rock-solid foundation ofRead More

One Track Mind: Ellery Eskelin/Andrea Parkins/Jim Black "43 RPM" (2003)

by S. Victor Aaron Jazz trios that push the envelope are a lot of fun to listen to. With only two other players to be accountable for, each member gets to take more chances than they might be able to get away with in a larger setting. And when it’s an unconventional getup, like say, a sax, drums and accordion,Read More

Peter Frampton – Fingerprints (2006)

Peter Frampton’s first-ever instrumental release boasts a buffet-style diversity. And by refusing to settle into easy genre work — you just knew this would be jazz(zzzzzzzzz)y, right? — Frampton finally distances himself completely from a certain mid-1970s double live album. Well, almost anyway. No, familiar keyboardist Bob Mayo doesn’t appear. (He actually died of a heart attack on tour someRead More

Lightnin' Bugs – Live at the Sundown! (2000)

NICK DERISO: The Lightnin’ Bugs’ first live album begins, fittingly, with this boozy tribute to “Mama Rosanne,” a primer on the pleasing, blues-based gumbo that’s quickly become associated with this north Louisiana-based group. Start with healthy dashes of wheezing accordions, plucky fiddles and second-line drum-groove. Then, about midway through, sprinkle in one happy fan’s long, long whistle of approval. You’llRead More

David Rogers Sextet – The World Is Not Your Home (2007)

photographer – Clay Patrick McBride by PicoIt’s not a recording that’s a decade in the making, but it’s been fermenting for that long. Saxophonist David Rogers has immersed himself in the music and culture of far-flung parts of the world where he’s lived, like Southeast Asia and West Africa, and incorporated those influences into American jazz. On the eve ofRead More

Buckwheat Zydeco – On Track (1992)

NICK DERISO: Buckwheat Zydeco should, more correctly, be called Buckwheat Zydeco/Soul/Pop/Dance/R&B/Rock/ Funk/And Some Gospel. “On Track” is perhaps the best example of Stanley Dural’s far-flung interests. He arrived, of course, with the credentials: A gravelly patois style, a band called Il Sont Partis (“they are crazy”) and experience in the greatest zydeco band of all time, as keyboardist with theRead More

House Levelers – No Definitions (1991)

NICK DERISO: Go into this hidden-away New Orleans gem expecting blues — what with Jim Dickinson producing and East Memphis Slim as a sideman — and you’re in for a big surpise. The House Levelers were more of a thumpy roots-music outfit, one that was at once sharp as scissors, old-buddy loveable and slam-danceable. Key selections here, both relevant thenRead More

Oscar Peterson (1925-2007): An Appreciation

Oscar Peterson, one of jazz music’s most recognizable modern-day pianists, was felled on Sunday not from the lingering effects of a 1993 stroke — he kept playing after that — but from kidney failure. He passed, aged 82, in his native Canada outside Toronto. Peterson’s stroke compromised his left hand some, but never his spirit. That unstoppable will to swingRead More

Something Else! Featured Artist: Loretta Lynn

NICK DERISO: Within moments, people surrounded the bus at the Shoney’s parking lot in West Monroe, Louisiana. See, it had the name Loretta Lynn painted on the side. Restaurant manager Rose Searcy was one of them: “When they pulled up, I ran over and told (the driver) that if he could get her off the bus, I’d buy her breakfast,”Read More

The Subdudes, “Poor Man’s Paradise” (2007): One Track Of The Year

With all the All Star albums of 2007 out of the way, there’s just one more piece of year-end business to take care of: my favorite song of the year. Like the top CD of the year, this one didn’t require much agonizing. It’s a song that puts me in a great mood every time I listen to it, andRead More