The Quintet – Jazz at Massey Hall (1953; 2012 reissue)

To Canadians, as the new 2012 liner notes to this historic meeting of the jazz minds so rightly notes, Massey Hall is a building. To fans of this music worldwide, it’s something else

On Second Thought: Fleetwood Mac – Say You Will (2003)

Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours is one of the truly iconic records of the 1970s. Like Led Zeppelin’s IV, Pink Floyd’s Dark Side Of The Moon and the Eagles’ Hotel California, Rumours spent a lot of time spinning on turntables everywhere

Fred's Country Fried Rock: Bob Wayne, “Blood to Dust” (2011)

Much of Bob Wayne’s 2011 Century Media debut Outlaw Carnie was spent raising hell and firing off rowdy, braggadocio-filled country rockers culled from his previous self-released albums

Mole – What Is The Meaning? (2012)

The keyboardist is a Mexican expatriate living in Prague, the drummer is an Argentinian expatriate living in Mexico, the acoustic bassist is a Mexican still in Mexico and the guitarist is a guy from New York.

'Neil Young FAQ' Diaries: A journey through the past with Neil Young's videos

After a two-year journey of blood, sweat, tears, and more all-nighters writing furiously until the sun came up than I care to remember, my first full-length book as a music journalist was finally released this week.

The Gilligans – As Seen On TV (2012)

A soothing instrumental opens the door to As Seen On TV, but what a tease that is. Such mellow sounds suddenly launch into a torrent of crunchy guitars and churning hooks

In a new book, Robert Rodriguez makes the case for Revolver as the Beatles' masterwork

Author Robert Rodriguez, in a fascinating new book, makes the case for Revolver — not its successor, the lavishly praised Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band — as the Beatles’ game-changing signature work.

The Friday Morning Listen: Beastie Boys – Ill Communication (1994)

You know, I just get so damned tired of people trippin’ all over themselves to pay tribute to these guys when they die. Besides, it’s just friggin’ rap “music.” That’s right, “music.”

Brandon Wright – Journeyman (2012)

Journeyman is sax specialist Brandon Wright’s second time out as a leader and for this go around he brought some of his cohorts in the Mingus Big Band in the studio with him

Gimme Five: Vernon Reid on Spectrum Road, Living Colour and James 'Blood' Ulmer

Vernon Reid has a busy 2012 on tap, with a new jazz-rock collaboration as a part of Spectrum Road to be issued next month and then the latest project with the metal-funk band Living Colour.