Crash Coffin – Crash Coffin (1974; 2013 reissue)

Possessing a name that suggests a doom metal or hardcore punk-rock band, Crash Coffin is actually a singer, songwriter and guitarist. Born Neil Coffin, the Ohio based artist began playing rock and roll back in the ’50s

Steely Dan Sunday, “Two Against Nature” (2000)

Steely Dan Sunday, “Two Against Nature” (2000)

<<< BACKWARD (“What A Shame About Me”) ||| ONWARD (“Janie Runaway”) >>> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** The album Two Against Nature marks a turning point for the duo where they say hello to many who will work with them longer than the original Steely Dan band

Jackson Taylor and the Sinners – Crazy Again (2013)

For some reason, Jackson Taylor seems to fly under the radar on the underground country scene. You don’t hear as much about him, but he’s released a solid string of hell-raising, good-timing, rowdy country albums.

Dumpstaphunk – Dirty Word (2013)

Dumpstaphunk’s Dirty World is a layered delight, just as interesting on a close listen as Ivan Neville shares a sun-filled positivity as it as from the dance floor, where its twin-bass attack provides a thump that could bring down buildings.

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny, “Unquity Road” (1976)

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny, “Unquity Road” (1976)

Here we almost have a traditional jazz tune with the head being played followed by the expected improvisations. But on “Unquity Road,” Pat and Jaco work in a kind of near-unison.

Deep Beatles: “Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!” (Cavern Club, 1962)

What is a well-known Beatles track like “Kansas City/Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey!” doing in a column called “Deep Beatles”? After all, their cover has appeared on official releases three times: Beatles for Sale, Live at the BBC, and Anthology 1.

Shan Kenner – The Behavior Of Vibration (2013)

Amazon.com Widgets When L.A. native Shan Kenner plied his trade as a jazz guitarist in San Francisco, he found himself in a quartet with drummer Ches Smith.

The Friday Morning Listen: Van Dyke Parks – Song Cycle (1968)

The Friday Morning Listen: Van Dyke Parks – Song Cycle (1968)

Are there any famous albums out there that you’ve ignored over the years? I have a small cache of them, which I keep secret because when people find out I’ve never listened to them they sort of freak out.

The Band, “The Weight” from Music from Big Pink (1968): Across the Great Divide

A cinematic, fever dream of a song, “The Weight” remains both an enigma and an emblem for its singer Levon Helm and the Band. Just what this track’s burden is? Well, that’s brilliantly unspoken

Ben Monder – Hydra (2013)

An authority no less than Pat Metheny once said of fellow guitarist Ben Monder, “Monder is a very evolved kind of musician — great chord voicing and just excellent playing.”