New Music Monday: Aimee Mann, Band of Horses, Ben Folds Five, Lonnie Smith, Marillion

New Music Monday gets off to a quick start with great stuff from Aimee Mann, Band of Horses, Ben Folds Five, Dr. Lonnie Smith and Marillion.

Tia Fuller – Angelic Warrior (2012)

Saxophonist, flautist and composer Tia Fuller has stated that “the Beyoncé gig has helped me to really appreciate the artistry and freedom that we have in jazz,” a conclusion borne out of five years performing in the pop diva’s band.

Crypts – Crypts (2012)

Announcing a genre as “dead” is as old as music itself. Jazz is dead, rock is dead, pop is dead, rap is dead, country music is possibly dead or should be, metal is dead, classical music is dead or at least most of the guys writing it are dead, soul is dead.

Sparks Fly On E Street: Bruce Springsteen, "Open All Night" (1982)

Unlike most of the rest of Nebraska, here there is no ominous subtext, no angst, no life about to be split apart. Instead, it’s just a guy rocketing down the highway toward his girl

Steely Dan Sunday, "Reflections" (1984, 1988)

<<< BACKWARD (“Shanghai Confidential”) ||| ONWARD (“Trans-Island Skyway”) >>> *** STEELY DAN SUNDAY INDEX *** I really debated on whether this recording belongs in the series; this cut from the movie soundtrack for Arthur 2: On the Rocks is jointly credited to the song’s only performers: Steve Khan and Donald Fagen. Furthermore, it’s a Thelonious Monk cover.

Band of Horses – Mirage Rock (2012)

Band of Horses is still pushing their love of dusty-booted Americana through a busted guitar amp, only this time they’ve turned it up a little.

One Track Mind: The Jackson Investment Company, "What Can I Say" (1967)

Whenever I’m asked what my very favorite song in the whole wide world is, I promptly reply, “What Can I Say” by the Jackson Investment Company.

Jackyl – Best in Show (2012)

The output from these Kennesaw, Ga.-based rockers has often been uneven since their 1992 debut, but when they hit their stride, it’s great fun. They hit it hard on Best in Show, possibly the best record they’ve put out since their 1994 sophomore outing, Push Comes to Shove.

One Track Mind: Ben Folds Five, "The Sound of the Life of the Mind" (2012)

This is the sound of a group returning to something it loved, something that made sense in its time — and still does again, in the playing.

The Billie Davies Trio – all about Love (2012)

Belgium native Billie Davies first started drumming at the age of three, and even though she dabbled in a number of other artistic endeavors, like singing and DJ’ing, her skills behind the kit were notable enough to garner the attention of Max Roach