Something Else sneak peek: Down, "Witchtripper" (2012)

It’s been a long time coming, but on Thursday fans finally got a listen to some new studio work from Down.

The Friday Morning Listen: The Dø – Both Ways Open Jaws (2011)

My listening habits in the car have become kind of psychotic of late. I’ll often sync things to my phone via Spotify, and then listen to a CD.

Deep Beatles: "All I’ve Got to Do" from With the Beatles (1963)

As any Beatles student knows, the four made no secret of their love for R&B. Before they conquered the world, they cut their teeth on tracks by Little Richard, Arthur Alexander, Smokey Robinson and the Miracles

Gimme Five: Mike Keneally explores the riddle of Miles Davis, the influence of Metallica

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, Mike Keneally talks about working with — and working without — XTC’s Andy Partridge on the terrific new album Wing Beat Fantastic.

fo/mo/deep – A Beautiful Bang (2012)

Columbus, Ohio’s fo/mo/deep calls themselves an “Eclectic Groove Oriented – Funky Jazz Collective,” and it’s truth in advertising.

Adam Gilbert – A Generation of Forgotten Kings (2012)

Nervy in its ambitions, thrilling in its sense of influence-smashing alchemy, and memorable for its raw emotional honesty, Adam Gilbert’s A Generation of Forgotten Kings is an exciting find.

Jon Herington – Time On My Hands (2012)

One of the recurring themes in my long-running series “Steely Dan Sunday” is that if a guitar player is good enough for Steely Dan, they’re probably good enough for anybody.

Forgotten series: Deep Purple, the Hollies, Steve Howe, Jeff Lynne – Psychedelica (2000)

By the late 1960s, pop music’s vocabulary had expanded to such a mercurial degree that anything and everything not designed of conventional procedures was seemingly placed under the banner labeled psychedelic.

Peter Green Splinter Group – Blues Don’t Change (2012)

After years of ups and many more downs, Peter Green — the deposed co-founding member of Fleetwood Mac, one-time British guitar hero, and former member of John Mayall’s Bluebreakers — has rediscovered the curative powers of the blues.

King Crimson – Live In Argentina 1994 (2012)

When King Crimson reconvened in 1994, the band was made up of the four-piece unit that recorded in the 1980s (guitarists Robert Fripp and Adrian Belew, bassist/Stickist Tony Levin, and drummer Bill Bruford) and a new pair of instrumentalists