Rock Music

Half Notes: 'Til Tuesday – Welcome Home (1986)

by Nick DeRiso The follow up to Aimee Mann’s original band Til Tuesday’s debut (which had the new-wavy hit “Voices Carry”). A very brave record in that the guys came out folky, when all they had to do was stick with the sleek pop of the day and cash the checks. Showed that Mann had the guts to stick aroundRead More

The Who – Endless Wire (2006)

In the brilliant, circular overture of synthesizer and riff that opens 2006’s “Endless Wire” we find a triumph for what’s left of the Who. “Fragment,” as a tune, is everything this band should have been doing instead of slowly but surely turning itself into a too-old streetwalker with its faded party hat on crooked. It’s simultaneously familiar, yet utterly newRead More

One Track Mind: Ween, "Gabrielle" (2005)

by Pico A couple of weeks ago we looked at a band who at times sound like a virtual clone of Yes in their prime. This time, we spotlight a musical group who has taken mimicking others to an whole ‘nother level. Mickey Melchiondo and Aaron Freeman, aka Dean and Gene Ween, have been offering up songs that lyrically areRead More

Bob Dylan – John Wesley Harding (1967)

Released in the time immediately following the Woodstock basement recordings (which wouldn’t see the light of day ’til the dawn — or is that yawn? — of disco), Bob Dylan goes twangy — and with resounding success. Folksy, without too much folk. “Rolling Stone” said “John Wesley Harding” helped set in motion a reevaluation — and a reaffirmation — ofRead More

Forgotten series: The Sensational Guitars of Dan & Dale, "Batman & Robin" (1966)

by S. Victor Aaron So you’re looking at the album cover just to the left and guessing that it’s a vintage children’s record intended to cash in on the hit mid-sixties series starring Adam West and you would be right. But there was no such band as “The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale”.

Deep Cuts: The Rolling Stones, "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" (1970)

by S. Victor Aaron The critics all declare Exile On Main Street to be The Rolling Stones’ magnum opus. Yeah, it’s a great album alright but for my money, I’ll take the one right before it, Sticky Fingers, anyday. From the sass of “Brown Sugar” to the gentle country of “Wild Horses” the record is mostly a merry celebration ofRead More

Bob Dylan – Good As I Been To You (1992)

As noted, a “leak” of some new Dylan tracks from his own record label (ahem) got me back into the stacks – and back into Bob. We’re mixing and matching here, old and new, relevant and pee-yew. That’s Dylan for you … raising our sights, but occasionally frustrating our desires, as Rolling Stone magazine’s David Fricke once said. “GOOD ASRead More

Bob Dylan and The Band – Before The Flood (1974)

Public Broadcasting always delves into its musical archives, come pledge-drive time, and this week was no different. The local station presented an edited version of “The Concert for Bangaladesh,” the early 1970s proto-benefit show organized by Beatle buddy and future Wilbury bandmate George Harrison – and it was a special moment for Bob Dylan fans. Not just because this wouldRead More

Bob Dylan and The Band – The Basement Tapes (1975)

Recorded during Dylan’s songwriting rehab, after the 1966 motorcycle wreck, and not released until a decade later. These classic home recordings — done with The Band in the legendary old house known as Big Pink — showed even Bob Dylan throwaways were table scraps worth fighting over.

Bob Dylan – Traveling Wilburys, Vol. 1 (1988)

Parts of Bob Dylan’s soon-to-be-released record “Modern Times,” his first in five years, were “leaked” by Sony last Friday – and while I get my mind around those tracks, I’ve begun my own never-ending tour of his old stuff. “TRAVELING WILBURYS, Vol. 1,” 1988 Recording a song a day, Dylan hooks up with old and new friends – including GeorgeRead More