'Happy to be working with Don Was': Van Morrison returns to Blue Note for new studio effort

Van Morrison returns to Blue Note Records for a new studio album Born To Sing: No Plan B, to be released on October 2, 2012.

Jim Hall – Jim Hall's Three (1986)

A great example of a player who’s equally comfortable in both traditional and “modern” settings.

Cassandra Wilson – Another Country (2012)

Cassandra Wilson’s forthcoming release Another Country might well have been called “Another Voice,” so prominent is the work of collaborator Fabrizio Sotti, her guitarist and producer.

Rich Halley 4 – Back From Beyond (2012)

The name changed a little bit, but not the lineup: the Rich Halley 4 is the same Rich Halley Quartet who last year gave us the stunning Requiem For A Pit Viper

Joe Jackson – The Duke (2012)

Ever since he asked that existential question “Is She Really Going Out with Him?” Joe Jackson has defied categorization, moving from the initial “new wave” label into other genres such as jazz and Latin music.

Joel Frahm Quartet – Live at Smalls (2011)

Tenor saxophonist Joel Frahm’s latest release Live at Smalls places the listener at the center of jazz innovation in New York City.

Nick DeRiso’s Half-Year List of Top Albums for 2012: Live and Reissues

For the musical Indiana Joneses amongst us, 2012 has already yielded a number of artifacts for the ages — and we’re but half way done.

Cory Wong – Quartet/Quintet (2012)

Nearly every fusion jazz artist has a straight jazz side inside of them, and although not as often, the reverse is often true, too.

Nick DeRiso’s Half-Year List of Top Albums for 2012: Blues and Jazz

Already, we’ve seen the blues and jazz genres enlivened by a series of out-of-nowhere surprises that included Little Feat, Wes Montgomery (yes, Wes Montgomery!) and Bonnie Raitt

Jacám Manricks – Cloud Nine (2012)

Trigonometry, the third album by alto saxophone rising star Jacám Manricks, was a stellar post-bop set. It was just the kind of record you’d expect with a guy of his experience, education and raw talent