Project THEM – Project THEM (2013)

A crack organization of musicians assembles with Project THEM, the self-titled release from a sextet featuring some of the biggest names in jazz.

Jazz drummer Chico Hamilton (1921-2013): An Appreciation

Jazz drummer Chico Hamilton (1921-2013): An Appreciation

NEA jazz master Chico Hamilton, whose career highlights included stints with Lester Young and leading his own celebrated West Coast-jazz band, has died. The legendary drummer was 92.

Leni Stern – Jelell (2013)

Perhaps like a lot of jazz guitar fans, I came to Leni Stern by way of her husband Mike, the owner of the so-called “Chops of Doom.”

Fareed Haque – Out of Nowhere (2013)

Fareed Haque boasts a pallette accustomed to varied musical tastes. Raised in Chicago by a Chilean mother and a Pakistani father, he grew into roving cross-cultural genius on guitar. But this is not that kind of record.

Shows I’ll Never Forget: Evan Parker, November 21, 2013

At the Vortex, Dalston, London: Just occasionally, the veil which hides from us all mysteries of other worlds, of suns, moons and stars becomes thinner

Dave Baker, with Rich Kurtz – Blended (2013)

That the university-trained, classical inspired guitarist Dave Baker is so handy with interpreting pop sounds should come as no surprise. After all, he found early fame opening for fellow Temple products Hall and Oates on tour.

New York Voices – Let It Snow (2013)

Jazz and holiday music naturally fit each other; some of our most beloved Christmas albums have been recorded by jazz artists such as Nat King Cole and Vince Guaraldi.

Stan Getz, Tito Puente, Herb Alpert, others – It’s a Scream How Levine Does the Rhumba (2013)

At first, this idea of Latin-Jewish music might seem exotic. Who mixes congas and kugels — much less bagels and bongos, right? The truth is, it’s been with us since at least the 1930s

Mumpbeak – Mumpbeak (2013)

Oslo-based UK expatriate Roy Powell refuses to believe that prog-fusion has run its course, and it’s clear from his recorded work that he’s dedicated his musical career challenging that notion.

George Cotsirilos Trio – Variations (2013)

One of the most apparent revelations about Variations is how unprotected it leaves guitarist George Cotsirilos.