S. Victor Aaron’s Best of 2013  (Part 2 of 4, Modern & Mainstream Jazz): Chris Potter, Rudresh Mahanthappa

S. Victor Aaron’s Best of 2013 (Part 2 of 4, Modern & Mainstream Jazz): Chris Potter, Rudresh Mahanthappa

There’s been a ton of great modern and mainstream jazz albums released this year, coming from stalwarts and newcomers alike. It’s not just tradition being upheld with grace and passion, there were loads of creative spurts by newcomers and stalwarts alike

Karrin Allyson – Yuletide Hideaway (2013)

Some Christmas songs, you don’t mess with. It’s perfectly fine to take “Winter Wonderland” at an unusually contemplative pace, and to update “Let It Snow” with a B-3. But Karrin Allyson plays it straight — as she must — with Charlie Brown.

Daniel Bennett, jazz saxophonist: Something Else! Interview

Daniel Bennett is a saxophonist originally hailing from the beautiful city of Rochester, New York. He is now based in New York City.

Earl McIntyre – Brass Carnival and Tribute! (2013)

Named for the two groups featured here, bass trombone and tuba player Earl McIntyre’s debut as a leader enchants with the exotic rhythms, stunning brass stabs and euphoric joy of the African diaspora.

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny Group, “The Search” (1979)

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny Group, “The Search” (1979)

Pat Metheny likes to say that the group has a hard time with song titles. They may be hashing out a new composition and the working title will be something like “New thing in E-flat”

Something Else! Interview: Singer Kosi

Akosua Gyebi is a singer with a wondrous voice and range. Her latest release One More Cup Of Coffee received some great reviews, and she is steadfastly making inroads into the music industry.

Kevin Coelho – Turn It Up (2013)

It’s an interesting thing to hear the teenaged Kevin Coelho take to an instrument like the Hammond B3 organ. In part, this is because said instrument is often associated with the more “old-fashioned” side of life.

Bogdo Ula – The Return of the Sons of Ra (2013)

They gathered for five days at this countryside studio in Finland, plugging in and recording whatever happened.

Colin Stranahan, Glenn Zaleski and Rick Rosato – Limitless (2013)

A somewhat reserved recording, Limitless is the second outing for the trio of Colin Stranahan (drums), Glenn Zaleski (piano) and Rick Rosato (bass). The follow-up to 2011’s Anticipation finds the group more evolved in some sense.

Project THEM – Project THEM (2013)

A crack organization of musicians assembles with Project THEM, the self-titled release from a sextet featuring some of the biggest names in jazz.