Preservation Hall Jazz Band – That’s It! (2013)

Preservation Hall Jazz Band – That’s It! (2013)

Its very name speaks to the old ways, and keeping them as they always were. And for a long time, maybe too long, that’s the way it’s been with the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. Until now.

Abigail Riccards – Every Little Star (2013)

Abigail Riccards has decamped to Chicago, where she continues to ply her trade as an intimate and involving singer — not to mention a respected educator. But time spent in New York, which exposed her to the work of Artsrides, still resonates.

S. Victor Aaron’s Mid-Year Best of 2013  (Modern and Mainstream Jazz): Chris Potter, Rudresh Mahanthappa

S. Victor Aaron’s Mid-Year Best of 2013 (Modern and Mainstream Jazz): Chris Potter, Rudresh Mahanthappa

For this middle-of-2013 version list of best modern and mainstream jazz records, I expanded the meaning of “modern and mainstream jazz” a little bit this year

Kim Kalman – At Last (2013)

Kim Kalman, whose grandfather was mid-century big band leader George Kindler, reconnects with the sounds and styles of that bygone era on At Last – and reanimates some shopworn classics along the way.

One Track Mind: Hadiza Dockeray, “Somebody Better” from Chapter 4 (2013)

An intriguing mixture of old-school chanteuse and tough-minded modern woman, Hadiza Dockeray puts her foot down on “Somebody Better” — and then uses it to kick the ever-loving ass of some no-account.

Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom – No Morphine No Lilies (2013)

Often in sizing up drummers who lead their own bands, I find that they either actively get out front or they get out of the way and let their band mates becomes the focal point.

Reut Regev’s R*Time – exploRing the vibe (2013)

There’s a lot of buzz around ace clarinetist Anat Cohen, but there’s another lady horn player from Israel who deserves a lot of attention, too. Reut Regev plays not reeds but brass, and her trombone knows no bounds in its spunk and personality;

photo: wikipedia.org

John Scofield – Überjam Deux (2013)

Überjam was the most contemporary music John Scofield had made in a richly varied, artistically meaningful and just plain enjoyable career in jazz over these last forty years; only fellow guitarist Pat Metheny can point to a more impressive body of work over that time.

Cavity Fang – Urban Problems (2013)

Cavity Fang sprung from the fertile mind of keyboardist and composer Michael Coleman.

Michael Vlatkovich Trio – Succulence of Abstraction (2013)

Trombonists don’t typically have the audacity to be featured with no chordal help like a piano or guitar, but I can’t imagine Mike Vlatkovich performing any other way.