Exclusive stream: Zebrina with Ben Goldberg, “The Desert Speaks” from Hamidbar Medaber (2014)

This Miles-meets-Mosada alchemy offers Interesting new twists.

Steve Swallow, Ohad Talmor, Adam Nussbaum – Singular Curves (2014)

The two words “Swallow” and “Nussbaum” used in close proximity to each other instantly conjures up John Scofield’s best pre-Still Warm disc, Shinola. Scofield’s compositions and arrangements on that live set demanded much from his rhythm section, and his rhythm section delivered in spades.

Indigo Mist [Cuong Vu + Richard Karpen] – That The Days Go By And Never Come Again (2014)

Provocative and fanciful, they bring Ellington and Strayhorn closer to us.

Jonathan Rowden Group – Becoming (2014)

Jonathan Rowden Group – Becoming (2014)

There’s a spiritual unity uncommon in much of jazz today, and even rarer in a debut album.

Henry Kaiser (Yo Miles!) and Scott Amendola (Nels Cline Singers) plan a live-in-the-studio improv record together

Henry Kaiser (Yo Miles!) and Scott Amendola (Nels Cline Singers) plan a live-in-the-studio improv record together

Two Bay Area pacesetters of improvised and avant-garde music will soon join forces.

Nicholas Payton – Numbers (2014)

Nicholas Payton – Numbers (2014)

‘Numbers’ coolly delivers Payton’s message of natural flow. It’s funky-good, angular vibe jazz.

Brandon Seabrook – Sylphid Vitalizers (2014)

It doesn’t matter if the experimental music is being rendered by electric guitar or banjo, Seabrook uses technology, virtuosity and a deviously fertile mind to blow the minds of anyone who comes across these recordings. ‘Sylphid Vitalizers’ expands the world of what is possible with a banjo. And guitar, too.

Karen Mantler – Business Is Bad (2014)

As a collection of children’s songs for grown-ups, ‘Business Is Bad’ would be terribly silly if it wasn’t so damned inconspicuously clever. Thankfully, it *is* clever, and marks the return of Karen Mantler after nearly a decade and a half off without skipping a beat.

Haitian Rail – Solarists (2014)

‘Solarists’ immediately establishes Haitian Rail as a fearsome battery of inscrutable, noise with terrific give-and-take. And trombonist Dan Blacksberg’s presence assures that they hold up the jazz part of the experimental metal-jazz equation, losing none of their ferocity along the way.

Ada Rovatti – Disguise (2014)

The tunes are solid and so are the arrangements, but there’s no disguising good playing and ‘Disguise’ has all of those things out in the clear open. A welcome return to form for Ada Rovatti.