Fusion Jazz

Jeff Berlin – Low Standards (2013)

Following 2010’s High Standards, Jeff Berlin assembles a sizzling trio — his electric bass sounding like anything but an instrument of support — for a cheekily named return engagement with some classics.

Something Else! sneak peek: Brand New Heavies, “Sunlight” feat. N’Dea Davenport (2013)

Seven years after their last release, acid-jazz pioneers The Brand New Heavies signal a return to original form with “Sunlight.”

Rich Halley 4 – Crossing The Passes (2013)

Rich Halley is a DIY guy in the jazz world, just as he’s a free spirit in his personal life. Last summer, he took his son Carson and a nephew out hiking the entire range of the Wallowa Mountains in eastern Oregon.

Ballister – Mi Casa Es En Fuego (2013)

Mi Casa Es En Fuego, which means, “my house is on fire” in Spanish, is an appropriate name to call a set of music that’s often aflame, and even in the quieter moments, the embers are still glowing, ready to re-ignite the house again.

Curtis Hasselbring – Number Stations (2013)

Curtis Hasselbring heads up a couple of bands and on the spy-themed Number Stations he rubs them together and watches the sparks fly.

Something Else! Interview: Billy Martin of Wicked Knee, and Medeski Martin and Wood

Something Else! Interview: Billy Martin of Wicked Knee, and Medeski Martin and Wood

Accomplished musical alchemist Billy Martin has taken an opportunity away from Medeski Martin and Wood to rekindle an idea he had years ago — combining ragtime and funk with trumpeter Steven Bernstein.

Koby Israelite – Blues From Elsewhere (2013)

“I don’t want to bore people to death,” declares Koby Israelite. “My music has always got some edge, and it needs to have a groove.”

Little Women – Lung (2013)

Listening to single-take forty-plus minute group performances is not a casual affair, it’s embarking on an odyssey.

Ivo Perelman – The Edge (2013)

And so we reach the final piece of the Ivo Perelman/Matt Shipp trilogy of April, 2013. The Edge is where Perelman fronts Shipp’s widely renowned trio for the first time ever (though he has performed with bassist Michael Bisio and drummer Whit Dickey on separate occasions).

Mikrokolektyw – Absent Minded (2013)

The Chicago-based duo from Poland Mikrokolektyw (a Polish play on the word “micro collective”) only makes music out of thin air, and like a skilled magician pulling a rabbit out of thin air, makes it look so effortless and fluid.