Fusion Jazz

Jamie Saft and Joe Morris – Plymouth (2014)

Out of the box thinkers Jamie Saft and Joe Morris combined forces last year for an update on the guttural, jam-rock aesthetic popular around the turn of the 70s.

Before Bitches Brew: Five really great early fusion albums

Some twenty-five years ago when compact discs began to overtake vinyl as the music media of choice, I joined one of those mail-order record clubs as a way to quickly build up a foundation for my fledgling CD collection.

Ivo Perelman and Mat Maneri – Two Men Walking (2014)

Two Men Walking is all about Ivo Perelman going one-on-one with a viola player, which is cause for joy for improvised music enthusiasts…especially since the viola player is a kindred soul in Mat Maneri.

Ivo Perelman, with Matthew Shipp, William Parker – Book of Sound (2014)

note: music in video is from a prior Perelman release, Cama Da Terra When Ivo Perelman convenes with the Matthew Shipp Trio, good stuff happens.

Dan Weiss – Fourteen (2014)

Fourteen (March 25, 2014, Pi Recordings) isn’t Dan Weiss’s fourteenth record (it’s his fifth), nor is it the number of tracks on the album, nor does it pertain to the year it’s out (as in “’14”).

Chicago Underground Duo – Locus (2014)

Rob Mazurek and Chad Taylor’s deft application of lo-fi electronics to out-jazz has been celebrated here a few times, and Locus, their second release with Northern Spy Records, is another reason to celebrate.

Eric Revis – In Memory of Things Yet Seen (2014)

The first-call acoustic bass player best known in five words or less as “Branford Marsalis’ bassist since forever” is preparing to release his own led-date In Memory of Things Yet Seen (March 25, 2014, Clean Feed Records).

Digital Primitives – Lipsomuch/Soul Searching (2014)

It’s easy to think of a “groove” as having certain kind of chord changes, played by certain kind of instruments and even having certain kind of beats.

Noel Johnston – Salted Coffee (2014)

Van Halen-inspired and jazz-trained guitarslinger Noel Johnston merges his passion for both worlds for his third album Salted Coffee, out March 11, 2014 via Armored Records.

Something Else! sneak peek: Mike Dillon, “Hero The Burro” from Band of Outsiders (2014)

The irrepressible vibraphone-playing jazz guerrilla Mike Dillon is prepping his latest album Band of Outsiders for an April 1, 2014 release (Royal Potato Family Records),