Fusion Jazz

Flowtilla – Recalibration (2013)

Last year we told you about this funky, compact combo from the San Francisco Bay area by the name of Flowtilla, and their last album Waves and Particles showed how you can wring a lot of funk from such a little band.

Triptet – Figure In The Carpet (2012)

The Seattle-based trio Triptet calls themselves “a meeting of minds and spontaneous electrical impulses between Michael Monhart (saxophones and percussion), Tom Baker (fretless guitar and effects), and Greg Campbell (percussion, french horn and cheap electronics).” I call them, simply, a trip.

Michael Blake – In The Grand Scheme Of Things (2012)

Vancouver native and saxophonist Michael Blake came back to this Canadian city after residing in NYC for a quarter century, and brought home a wealth of ideas with him.

Ratchet Orchestra – Hemlock (2012)

Jazz performed by large orchestras make up a big, important part of the history of jazz but the kind of big bands that get me fired up the most are ones who break from convention and behave like a rowdy, small band.

Sylvain Leroux – Quatuor Créole (featuring Karl Berger) (2012)

If you don’t know anything else about the Montreal-born flautist Sylvain LeRoux and his music, just two things are instructive: he has a passion for Thelonious Monk and a passion for West African music.

Nick DeRiso’s Top Albums for 2012: Indie Bands

This list is necessarily all over the map. Heck, in a lot of respects, there’s no map at all. You’ll find it in tatters down on the passenger-side floorboard. Delving into unsigned bands is like that.

Karl 2000 – Karl 2000 (2012)

When you have three American musicians — two from Greenville, SC — interpreting Russian folk music, you might expect it to get a little wild and full of pastiche.

Diagonal – The Second Mechanism (2012)

The Second Mechanism is, for all intents and purposes, the tale of a band reborn. The band is Diagonal, a UK progressive rock outfit. The rebirth came about as the result of some major line-up shuffling

My Top unreviewed Jazz Records of 2012

My Top unreviewed Jazz Records of 2012

When compiling my lists of best jazz records, broken up into 3 distinct areas of jazz, I used three criteria for inclusion on one of these lists: 1. Is it good enough? (duh) 2. Is it jazz? (duh) -and- 3. Have I already reviewed it in some form or another?

S. Victor Aaron’s Top Albums for 2012, Part 4 of 4: Fusion Jazz

<<< Part Three, Whack Jazz In the final piece of these exhaustive, four-part salutes to the top releases of 2012, the fusion jazz records are surveyed.