Fusion Jazz

Pink Floyd, Santana, Jefferson Airplane, Dr. John, the Byrds – The Dutch Woodstock (2013)

As a 17-band menu of bands gathered for the three-day Holland Pop Festival in June 1970 outside of Rotterdam, Bob Hite of Canned Heat summed things up perfectly: “I feel less uptight here than I ever have anywhere.”

One Track Mind: Bernie Mora and Tangent, “Dandelion” from Dandelion (2013)

One of my favorite Rush songs is “The Trees.” I love that brief acoustic, Renaissance mannered intro with a full-bodied metal guitar suddenly bursting in

Slobber Pup – Black Aces (2013)

What if early Soft Machine had a serious blues bent and hired an ace guitarist? Slobber Pup. What if Last Exit had swapped Peter Brötzmann for Larry Young? Slobber Pup. What if the Band of Gypsies had been strictly an instrumental outlet for Jimi Hendrix’s burgeoning fusion leanings? Slobber Pup.

Ross Hammond Quartet – Cathedrals (2013)

Ross Hammond made a record last year that I dug the hell out of. Adored is raw rock-jazz that I found very instinctual because everyone in his band are seasoned jazz cats who cross over to rock for fun.

Something Else! sneak peek: São Paulo Underground, “The Love I Feel For You” (2013)

A fourth LP is in the offing for that avant-Chicago/folk-Brazilian amalgam, the São Paulo Underground. Rob Mazurek (cornet, electronics), Guilherme Granado (keyboards, electronics) and Mauricio Takara (drums, percussion, cavaquinho, electronics) are back

One Track Mind: Mike Dillon, “Carly Hates The Dubstep/Bullsnake [Live]” (2013)

Mike Dillon calls himself an “electronic vibraphonic go go funk punk rock jazz screaming being,” which is 100% accurate, and if that doesn’t get you interested in his music, then GTFO.

Black Host – Life in the Sugar Candle Mines (2013)

Alternately volcanic, fragile, and threatening, but always jagged, Black Host is as inscrutable an ensemble as there is, consisting of five well-established figures of advanced jazz.

WTF?! Wednesdays: Splatter Trio with Stan Grabowski, “Wives and Lovers” (1998)

WTF?! Wednesdays: Splatter Trio with Stan Grabowski, “Wives and Lovers” (1998)

The Bay Area guerrilla thrash-jazzers the Splatter Trio were only together for five or six years during the first half of the 90s, but they managed to leave a path of destruction in their wake.

Pat Metheny – Tap: John Zorn’s Book of Angels, Vol. 20 (2013)

Pat Metheny and John Zorn? What are both musicians famous for?

Richard Pinhas – Desolation Row (2013)

Forty years after first bursting into the avant-rock scene with his band Heldon, the music of guitarist/composer/philosopher Richard Pinhas remains as intriguing, mysterious and ahead of it time as it did then. And naturally, music that’s so far ahead can sound like something else altogether for the uninitiated.