Fusion Jazz

Mumpbeak – Mumpbeak (2013)

Oslo-based UK expatriate Roy Powell refuses to believe that prog-fusion has run its course, and it’s clear from his recorded work that he’s dedicated his musical career challenging that notion.

Keith Jarrett – No End (2013)

Keith Jarrett – No End (2013)

Coming from a very prominent jazz and classical pianist who famously disparaged modern, plugged-in instruments at the height of the fusion era, this is quite a revelation.

Carol Morgan – Retroactive (2013)

Carol Morgan is part of two jazz scenes, the NYC epicenter and the underrated Houston, Texas one. Her new, fifth release features this ace trumpeter with jazz luminaries from both towns.

Leslie Johnson – Bass&Beyond (2012)

Listening to a bass player’s album is like watching porn to me. At first it seems like a good idea, but a few minutes in I get bored and would rather nap.

Gary Husband and Alex Machacek – Now (2013)

This is something surprising, indeed: An evocative, quietly communicative exploration on guitar and piano from a pair of typically quick-witted post-fusion instrumental improv talents. I was smitten from the first.

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny, “Lone Jack” (1978)

(Cross the) Heartland: Pat Metheny, “Lone Jack” (1978)

Despite my musing last week that maybe April Joy is a more appropriate closer for this album, there’s no denying the fact that “Lone Jack” finishes things off on a note of bursting energy.

Scott Amendola and Charlie Hunter – Pucker (2013)

Charlie Hunter and Scott Amendola have been performing together in perfect symmetry on and off for twenty years, now. But the master guitarist and master drummer each own two distinctively different songwriting styles

Brian Settles Trio – Folk (2013)

Just a couple of years ago, D.C.-area tenor sax maestro Brian Settles put forth his first album as a leader, Secret Handshake, a quietly probing record that ignored boundaries

Gimme Five: Herbie Hancock – The Complete Columbia Album Collection (2013)

Gimme Five: Herbie Hancock – The Complete Columbia Album Collection (2013)

Former collaborators Bill Summers and Mike Clark join us as we sort through a handful of ageless moments from the forthcoming Herbie Hancock box set, The Complete Columbia Album Collection.

Mark Lettieri – Futurefun EP (2013)

From live gigs with Erykah Badu and Pat Boone to recording with 50 Cent, gospel artist Myron Williams and the funk-jazz party band that he’s a member of, Snarky Puppy, DFW’s Mark Lettieri is a versatile guitarist, because he has to be.