Fusion Jazz

Eberhard Weber – Résumé (2013)

Good improvisers can bolster a melodic development. The really great ones can make up a whole new one out of thin air.

Herb Alpert – Fandango (1982; 2013 reissue)

I tried — I really did — to shake Herb Alpert. His silky smooth trumpet musings had been my introduction to something like jazz, though, and I’ve always associated his music with a time of unvarnished musical enthusiasm.

Michael Wolff and Mike Clark – Wolff and Clark Expedition (2013)

Past associations with Cannonball Adderley and the Headhunters seemed to point toward a new melding of R&B and jazz here. Instead, Michael Wolff and Mike Clark have created a nimble, adventurous trio recording

Rob Mazurek Octet – Skull Sessions (2013)

The genius of Rob Mazurek doesn’t necessarily lie in all the musical ideas he has; it’s the modular approach he takes to those ideas.

One Track Mind Rewind: New Klezmer Trio, “Feedback Doina” (1995)

One Track Mind Rewind: New Klezmer Trio, “Feedback Doina” (1995)

Next week, the progressively minded jazz clarinetist Ben Goldberg will treat us to not one but two new albums, each by nearly entirely different supporting musicians.

Confusion Bleue – Roulette Concert (2013)

Confusion Bleue – Roulette Concert (2013)

Making up tunes on stage isn’t for the feint of heart, but the best musicians like Keith Jarrett can handle it.

Brad Goode – Chicago Red (2013)

The red headed trumpeter from Chicago, Brad Goode, is a fine technician who mastered the bop language thanks to stints with such heavy hitters as Red Rodney, Dizzy Gillespie, Eddie Harris, Ira Sullivan, Frank Morgan, Curtis Fuller, Jack DeJohnette, and Rosemary Clooney.

Barry Altschul – The 3dom Factor (2013)

Paul Motian’s death in late 2011 was a big loss, to be certain, but the still-vibrant 70-year-old Barry Altschul has for four decades demonstrated mastery over the finer points of jazz drumming, using its full range not just as a time keeping device but as a richly tonal instrument.

Saffron – dawning (2013)

As a collision of creative impulses, Saffron is something special. Perhaps best described as kindred spirits from across the musical divide, this collective of artists takes to dawning with a spirit of openness

Ben Goldberg – Unfold Ordinary Mind (2013)

Ben Goldberg – Unfold Ordinary Mind (2013)

In 2008, clarinetist Ben Goldberg assembled a conventional ensemble to record music with unconventional underpinnings. In 2012, Goldberg again assembled an ensemble to record music with unconventional underpinnings, but this time, the structure of the group for these later sessions is unconventional to match.