Fusion Jazz

Terje Rypdal – Odyssey: In Studio and In Concert (1975, 2012 reissue)

Apart from his trademark whammy bar-induced vibrato, Norwegian guitarist, keyboardist, saxophonist, composer and bandleader Terje Rypdal has been one of the hardest to define figures of progressive jazz

Gimme Five: Mike Keneally explores the riddle of Miles Davis, the influence of Metallica

On this special edition of Something Else! Reviews’ One Track Mind, Mike Keneally talks about working with — and working without — XTC’s Andy Partridge on the terrific new album Wing Beat Fantastic.

fo/mo/deep – A Beautiful Bang (2012)

Columbus, Ohio’s fo/mo/deep calls themselves an “Eclectic Groove Oriented – Funky Jazz Collective,” and it’s truth in advertising.

Soft Machine, with Allan Holdsworth – Floating World Live (2006, 2012 reissue)

Allan Holdsworth’s career is perhaps nearly as well known for his brief stays in well-regarded prog and fusion bands as it is for his guitar wizardry. Tony Williams’ Lifetime, UK and even Level 42 all have Holdsworth “one-and-done” studio albums.

The Odd Trio – Birth Of The Minotaur (2012)

Out of the same Athens, GA college town that gave the world R.E.M. The B-52′s and The Drive-By Truckers, comes The Odd Trio.

Hafez Modirzadeh – Post-Chromodal Out! (2012)

Microtonal music theory teaches us, among other things, that being “out of tune” is a relative concept. What might sound off key to someone accustomed to strictly Western culture won’t sound that way at all

Half Notes: The Impossible Gentlemen – The Impossible Gentlemen (2012)

UK guitarist Mike Walker got this capital idea to put together a quartet with Americans Steve Swallow (el. bass) and Adam Nussbaum (drums), and enlisted young piano talent and fellow Englishman Gwilym Simcock to round out the group.

OUiZZZ – Hello Goodbye (2012)

There is a real sense, as OUiZZZ’s galvanizing, sometimes deeply experimental Hello Goodbye unfolds, of joint discovery. Though formed a decade ago in Lausanne, Switzerland, this band still plays like a lively conversation amongst new friends

Bruce Kaphan Quartet – Bruce Kaphan Quartet (2012)

One thing became readily apparent to me from listening to Bruce Kaphan’s new album and that is, Kaphan and I are in strong agreement that there really isn’t any reason why the pedal steel guitar doesn’t belong in jazz or any other styles of music.

Mandingo Ambassadors – Tougna (2012)

Since around the 13th century, the Kouyaté family has upheld a proud tradition as oral historians and folk virtuosic musicians, or griots, serving ancient kings who once ruled over West Africa.