Fusion Jazz

Stephen Richard – Perspective and The Gallery Sessions: Suite Movements (2014)

A gateway to straight jazz? No, because if you embrace this music, you’ve already gone through gates and are heading down its fascinating corridors.

fo/mo/deep – The Groovy Goodness (2014)

Fresh from the fusion triumph of A Beautiful Bang, Columbus, Ohio’s fo/mo/deep is poised to take listeners on another funky ride through the fun side of jazz.

Satoko Fujii Orchestra New York – Shiki (2014)

This doesn’t often sound like big band music, as Fujii draws from every impulse at her disposal.

Richard Pinhas and Oren Ambarchi – Tikkun (2014)

These three extended pieces take minimalism to exotic – and redemptive – places

Joel Harrison – Mother Stump (2014)

‘Mother Stump’ covers a lot of ground, with Harrison’s blues-inflected progressive jazz guitar as your guide.

Gato Libre – DuDu (2014)

Gato Libre makes the difficult decision to go forward after the loss of a key member.

Ben Goldberg, Adam Levy, Smith Dobson – Worry Later (2014)

An album shaped by both interpretations of Monk and the interaction among these three.

Tohpati, with Jimmy Haslip and Chad Wackerman – Tribal Dance (2014)

Impossibly labyrinthine but appealing harmonies combine here with a high level of acumen.

Burn List – Burn List (2014)

Burn List represents Seattle’s edgier notion of jazz, and represents it well.

Period [Mike Pride, Charlie Looker, Chuck Bettis] – 2 (2014)

2 is a blatant display of doom but not blatant display of chops, at least, not in the jazz sense of chops. It’s a temperament thing, and much of 2 moves at a glacial pace, and yet, the fury is all there. Slow motion death metal.