Articles by: Sammy Stein

Tomas Doncker Band – Moanin’ At Midnight: The Howlin’ Wolf Project (2014)

They pay tribute to a blues great, yet create an album that is very much their own.

Something Else! Interview: Free jazz titan Peter Brotzmann

Something Else! Interview: Free jazz titan Peter Brotzmann

One of the most influential players in the free jazz scene, Brotzmann remains a force.

Pixies – Indie Cindy (2014)

Don’t let the name fool you: These Pixies are raucous, loud and sometimes vulgar.

Peter Brotzmann, John Edwards, Jason Adasiewicz, Steve Noble – Mental Shake (2014)

Peter Brotzmann, John Edwards, Jason Adasiewicz, Steve Noble – Mental Shake (2014)

This is what free jazz is all about. Period.

Wilko Johnson + Roger Daltrey – Going Back Home (2014)

On Boxing Day 2012, I sat in my friend’s lounge enjoying a post-Christmas get together and the company of other friends. One of them was a music producer, and inevitably we got talking about music, groups he had managed and personalities. He told me that Wilko Johnson was doing very poorly

Something Else! Interview: Jazz singer Barb Jungr

Singer Barb Jungr is enjoying herself lately. With trips, tours and events, she is kept very busy. One important reason is she is in possession of something a lot of people want: her voice.

For UK jazz scene, a bold return to vibrancy: ‘Things, for a while, were not looking good’

Not so long ago, the UK jazz scene looked like it was in trouble. Audience numbers were dwindling and it became harder for musicians to get gigs, especially for those new on the scene.

Barb Jungr – Hard Rain: The Songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen (2014)

Barb Jungr has a powerful tool in the box — and that is her voice. Combine this with the powerful songs of Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen, and a group of good musicians, and you have something which has the potential to blow your mind

Books: Being Here: Conversations on Creating Music, by Rhadika Philip (2014)

When I was told I was being sent a book of interviews with creative, inspirational musicians, I thought it might be something I might dip into now and then, leave on the shelf for a couple months and re-visit when I felt like a bit of inspiration.

‘Dark, full of gallows humor and devilment’: Graeae’s confrontational ‘The Threepenny Opera’ delights

Not quite opera, not quite rock ‘n’ roll but certainly worth more than three pennies: The Threepenny Opera — being staged by Graeae with Birmingham Repertory, New Wolsey Theatre, Ipswich, Nottingham Playhouse and the West Yorkshire Theatre Company — is a re-write of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill’s The Beggar’s Opera.