Articles by: S. Victor Aaron

Mr. Mister – Welcome To The Real World (1985)

Love is so strangeHow we change from day to nightLove is so strangeHow we change from black to white The music of our childhood and early adulthood…it seems that no matter how crappy the music is of the time, there’s still a strong, lasting connection to it. Recently I’ve been listening to some of the albums I’ve used to blastRead More

One Track Mind: Robben Ford, "Lovin’ Cup" (1999)

Poor Robben Ford, he’s just too dadgummed good for his own good. Both a versatile and virtuosic guitar player, Ford can sound at home in so many different styles that he’s often struggled to find one that would give him an identifiable imprint. To be sure, everyone who knows guitar knows that Robben is a god, but is he aRead More

Soulive – Break Out (2005)

> by Pico Jam bands seem to come in all kinds of flavors. The Allman Brothers took blues-rock, mixed it with soul and jazz and stretched it out. Grateful Dead was into a psychedelic kind of folk while Phish was known for their eclecticism and thrived on absurdity. Virtuosos Derek Trucks and Jonas Hellborg use the extended form as aRead More

One Track Mind: Ray Charles, "Night Time Is the Right Time (Live)" (1958)

by Pico Ray Charles had been such a fixture on the American music scene for so long, it’s still hard to reconcile the fact that he’s been gone for over two years, now. True, it’s been a long time since he had a bona fide hit but his presence permeated our culture through the music of others. But y’all alreadyRead More

Laura Nyro – Live at the Bottom Line (1988)

by S. Victor Aaron Ever put in a CD for the first time not expecting any fireworks from the music contained within and find yourself surprisingly blown away by it? That’s how it was for me the first time I listened to Laura Nyro’s Laura: Live At The Bottom Line. Now, my expectations weren’t low because I had some lukewarmRead More

One Track Mind: Papa Mali & The Instagators, "Man Of Many Words"

by Pico It was a tough call to make: do I pimp Papa Mali’s entire 1999 release Thunder Chicken or just quickly gush over just one of the tracks? There’s certainly enough tasty bits in Chicken to justify the full unpaid advertisement (and come to think of it, I already wrote the first review of it in Amazon more thanRead More

Freddie Hubbard – Red Clay (1970)

Whenever the topic of discussion is a major work of early jazz fusion led by a trumpeter who’s already of renown in the straight jazz arena, most anybody would immediately think of the Prince Of Darkness. But Miles wasn’t the only cat on the horn making the successful transition from acoustic to electric jazz without loss of integrity. Before hisRead More

One Track Mind: Nels Cline, "Compulsion" (2006)

by S. Victor Aaron Heavy metal is not the kind of music I get into that much, but combine it with avant garde jazz and it’s often a whole ‘nother story. Caspar Brotzmann, The Scorch Trio, parts of The Vandermark 5; these guys have a way of making two seemingly incompatible worlds collide but the two genres are probably closerRead More

Aaron Neville – Bring It On Home, The Soul Classics (2006)

When certain major events…tragic events..take place, we often look to see how certain mucisians express their feelings about it and if it coincides with our own feelings or informs them, then that artist has delivered something special beyond mere entertainment. Bruce Springsteen’s The Rising was so heavily anticipated because he is widely acclaimed as a musician who can really speakRead More

One Track Mind: Joe Lovano, "Central Park West" (1991)

by S. Victor Aaron Strange as this might sound, listening to Joe Lovano’s rendition of this 1960 Coltrane original makes me think of Jimi Hendrix’s “Little Wing”. Hendrix’s “Wing” was a relatively brief and initially largely unnoticed track in it’s original form, but in someone else’s hands…Clapton’s…it became a more majestic theme and a form of tribute for it’s composer.Read More