Articles by: S. Victor Aaron

One Track Mind: Michael McDonald "Tuesday Heartbreak" (2004)

by S. Victor Aaron Earlier in the week we paid homage to the Doobie Brothers, Tom Johnston version. If you’re the kind of person who thinks “What A Fool Believe” is superior to “Long Train Runnin’” or prefer One Step Closer over Stampede, well then, consider this installment of OTM a concession to you. Because we’re about to lay someRead More

One Track Mind: Nick Cave, "The Lyre of Orpheus" (2004)

by Pico I finally got around to listening to Tom Waits’ sprawling odds-and-ends collection Orphans and it occurred to me that Australian-born/England-residing singer-songwriter Nick Cave has a lot of similarities to Waits. Both have scary sounding voices (Waits a whiskey-scarred growl and Cave a deep baritone), write detailed narratives delving in frequently dark themes like death, love and religion, oftenRead More

One Track Mind: Otomo Yoshihide’s New Jazz Orchestra, "Gazzelloni" (2005)

by S. Victor Aaron Tokyo-based whack jazz guitarist, turntablist, composer, arranger and knob twiddler Otomo Yoshihide has been called the John Zorn of Japan for his love of combining experimental sounds with avant-garde jazz. And to my ears, there’s not much there to dispute the comparison, for better or for worse. His fascination with sine waves can be mind expandingRead More

One Track Mind: Koko Taylor, "Merry, Merry Christmas" (1992)

by Pico This week’s choice for OTM was dictated by two considerations: it needed to have a holiday theme and if it could augment the spirit of Something Else’s blues side, so much the better. With potentially so many Christmas albums to comb through, I soon honed in on Alligator Record’s fine 1992 blues-themed holiday compilation The Alligator Records ChristmasRead More

Obscuro: Mariani – Perpetuum Mobile (1970)

by Pico When I first read about an album by Mariani called Perpetuum Mobile from 1970 and featuring Eric Johnson, two thoughts immediately came to mind. Either the “1970” part was a typo and “1980” was intended, or this was a different Eric Johnson than the Austin, Texas-based axe virtuoso known and worshiped by legions of electric guitar enthusiasts aroundRead More

One Track Mind: Ween, "Gabrielle" (2005)

by Pico A couple of weeks ago we looked at a band who at times sound like a virtual clone of Yes in their prime. This time, we spotlight a musical group who has taken mimicking others to an whole ‘nother level. Mickey Melchiondo and Aaron Freeman, aka Dean and Gene Ween, have been offering up songs that lyrically areRead More

One Track Mind: Guy Clark, "Stuff That Works" (1995)

by Pico In My Hallowed Opinion, it doesn’t matter much what kind of music it is, if it’s created and executed well, it’s worth listening to. That’s why you don’t have to like crooners to appreciate Sinatra. Or get into reggae to respect Bob Marley. That’s why even though I don’t consider myself a fan of country music, I canRead More

One Track Mind: Spock’s Beard, "South Side Of The Sky" (2002)

Alright, confession time. There are large areas of the musical landscape I listen to pretty regularly but haven’t written about and probably never will. And there’s various reasons for that. For instance, popular releases are bound to be well covered elsewhere, adding my thoughts to it just seems redundant. Then there is the time factor, as in, so much music,Read More

Howlin’ Wolf – Ain’t Gonna Be Your Dog (1994)

It’s not hard to imagine that Howlin’ Wolf, born Chester Arthur Burnett (1910-1976), was a man who was better known and made a greater impact than the U.S. president he was named after. His influence is greater than any Chicago blues man save for friend and sometimes rival Muddy Waters and the homage to his music can be heard beyondRead More

One Track Mind: Bonnie Raitt, "Give It Up Or Let Me Go" (1972)

by Pico Writing about underpublicized blueswoman Rory Block has got me thinking about another blues lady who needs no introduction at all. Everyone knows and respects Bonnie Raitt so much that her gender has long ago ceased to raise questions as to whether she can play with the big boys. Nowadays she just kicks most of these guys’ asses. SteadilyRead More