Articles by: Fred Phillips

Kenny Wayne Shepherd – How I Go (2011)

by Fred Phillips For a guy that once told me in an interview that he couldn’t seem to make everyone happy with his mix of blues and rock, Kenny Wayne Shepherd has done pretty well for himself.

One Track Mind: Glenn Danzig, "Come to Silver" (2007)

by Fred Phillips When Johnny Cash came to work with Rick Rubin in the 1990s, American Records had another man in black already on the roster — Glenn Danzig.

HeadCat – Walk the Walk … Talk the Talk (2011)

by Fred Phillips You won’t find a much stranger mix than HeadCat. On vocals and bass, you have metal legend Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead. On drums, you’ve got Slim Jim Phantom from the Stray Cats.

Something Else! sneak peek: Karmakanic – In a Perfect World (2011)

by Fred Phillips Karmakanic had me from the name of the band.

Guilty pleasures: Poison – Open Up and Say … Aah! (1988)

by Fred Phillips In the circle of music fans that I normally find myself in, mentioning Poison is usually not a good idea. Bands with poof hair and makeup — unless, of course, it’s corpse paint — will usually get you laughed out of the conversation.

Movies: AC/DC – Live at River Plate (2011)

Of the two recently released AC/DC DVDs, Live at River Plate is by far the least interesting to me. I’m much more intrigued by the long-awaited DVD/Blu-Ray release of Let There Be Rock, featuring original singer Bon Scott. But this is the one Sony has presented me with, so here we go.

Forgotten series: Infectious Grooves – The Plague That Makes Your Booty Move (1991)

by Fred Phillips Converting a huge CD collection to digital as I’ve been doing slowly for the past couple of weeks can be tedious, but it also has its rewards: Namely, stumbling across very cool records that you haven’t spent any quality time with in years.

Forgotten series: Aerosmith – Honkin' on Bobo (2004)

by Fred Phillips As I listen to the awful new solo work coming out of the Steven Tyler camp and begin to come to grips with the fact that my favorite rock band is dying a slow, painful death, I think back a few years

Ozzy Osbourne – Blizzard of Ozz / Diary of a Madman (1980/81; 2011 reissue)

One of the more contentious issues in Ozzy Osbourne’s career may have finally been laid to rest with the release of a pair of reissues on Sony Legacy — Diary of a Madman and Blizzard of Ozz.

Warrant – Rockaholic (2011)

by Fred Phillips Warrant? Seriously? Is this some kind of test? Have I somehow offended the editors in my brief time here?